Maurice Perret: Scholar of the Italian-speaking Swiss

img_1689 by Tony Quinn

The Swiss American Historical Society has just published a new book that was sent to all its members, “Emigrant Paths, Encounters with 20th Century Swiss Americans.”  Among the people portrayed in the book is Maurice Perret, a French Swiss geographer from Neuchatel who was born in 1911 and died in 1996. Continue reading

Tamagni grandfather built house of stone

by Robert J. Ransom, Jr., United States

My grandfather Cesare Augusto Tamagni, 1882-1962 was born in Bellinzona and my grandmother Giuseppa (Buletti) Tamagni, 1889-1997 in St. Antonio. I believe my grandmother was raised around the small villages of Carena and Mellirolo, the villages of my Sarina and Buletti ancestors. Continue reading

Discovering Australia

by historian Giorgio Cheda

During the summer of 1992, I went to Australia with a group of friends. The trip had been planned with a dual objective: to see some of the continent’s natural wonders, and to visit the region immediately to the north of Melbourne, where in the mid-19th century 2,000 of my compatriots from Ticino sought the illusory fortunes promised them by emigration agencies from north of the Alps. Continue reading

From the village of Giumaglio, Val Maggia

mark-lesinaby Mark Lesina, United States

Elvezio Giuliano Lesina was born April 18, 1878 in Giumaglio to Giuliano and AnnaMaria Giumini-Lesina and died February 26, 1951 in Crescent City, California. He was the youngest of five children, three of whom immigrated to California. Continue reading

Help request regarding grandmother

by Wade Hammond

Thank you for referring me to Tony Quinn about Ticinese migration. He was able to find information about my grandfather, Henry Grossi, back a couple of generations! I am still looking for information on my grandmother, Mary Melera, from Giubiasco, Ticinese, born 24 April, 1887. Tony was unable to provide anything on her. She came to New York by the Lapland Red Star line in 1910.

Visiting Ticino emigrants in California

by historian Giorgio Cheda

I have been to California several times, partly in search of documentary evidence of how 27,000 Ticinesi adapted to a new way of life in a new land, partly to hear the real-life stories of some of the settlers. Continue reading

My three Ticino ancestors

by Maureen Sartori Peterson, Australia

I have three Ticino ancestors. Maurizio Sartori (from Mosogno); Guiliamo Pedrazzini (from Cimalmotto); Agostino Lurati (from Lugano). Sartori’s son married Lurati’s daughter. Pedrazzini married an English woman. After my father died, my mother remarried another Ticinese descendant, Adami. Continue reading