From St. Antonio (Morobbia) to California

From Mark Lesina, United States

In response to Robert Ransom

Mark LesinaThe stories from Valle Morobbia are all very similar, but each very special and different in their own way. As Gary Carlson mentioned in his posting there were many families in the valley with the same names and they intertwine many times and sometimes not at all. Continue reading

100th Anniversary of Arrival at Ellis Island

Mark LesinaFrom Mark Lesina, United States

It has been said, “In a hundred years, who will know anything about you or your family”. Well it has been a hundred years! Yes – on Friday, April 16th 2010, it has been 100 years since Erminia Martini arrived in New York Harbor at Ellis Island. Continue reading

La casa in pietra di nonno Tamagni

di Robert J. Ransom, Jr., Stati Uniti

Mio nonno Cesare Augusto Tamagni, 1882-1962, è nato a Bellinzona e mia nonna Giuseppa (Buletti) Tamagni, 1889-1997, a St. Antonio. Credo che mia nonna sia cresciuta tra Carena e Mellirolo, i villaggi dei miei antenati Sarina e Buletti. Continue reading

Tamagni grandfather built house of stone

by Robert J. Ransom, Jr., United States

My grandfather Cesare Augusto Tamagni, 1882-1962 was born in Bellinzona and my grandmother Giuseppa (Buletti) Tamagni, 1889-1997 in St. Antonio. I believe my grandmother was raised around the small villages of Carena and Mellirolo, the villages of my Sarina and Buletti ancestors. Continue reading