The Swiss from Del Norte County

From Mark Lesina, United States

In response to Ms Amy Bisi-Lacy.

Mark LesinaDel Norte County is in the extreme northern part of California on the coast.  It is kind of interesting that for being such a remote area as it was at the turn of the last century, that so may Ticinese ended up immigrating there.  During these early years one would usually take a steamer ship from San Francisco to Del Norte, along the rough coastline to arrive in Crescent City. Continue reading

Lorenzo Martinelli al ranch di Devil’s Gulch

di Marcia, Stati Uniti

Lorenzo Martinelli e la sua famiglia

Lorenzo e il fratello Pietro sono nati a Maggia, in Ticino, nella metà degli anni 1830. I loro genitori erano Giovanni Battista Martinelli e Anna Maria Bonetti. Da giovani lavorarono come spazzacamini a Parigi. Continue reading

Devil’s Gulch Ranch, Nicasio, Marin County, California

By Marcia, United States

Lorenzo Martinelli and Family

In August of 1866, W.J. Miller sold the newly partitioned 873-acre ranch to brothers Lorenzo and Pietro Martinelli for $5,000. Lorenzo and his older brother Pietro were born in Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland in the mid 1830s. Continue reading

From the village of Giumaglio, Val Maggia

mark-lesinaby Mark Lesina, United States

Elvezio Giuliano Lesina was born April 18, 1878 in Giumaglio to Giuliano and AnnaMaria Giumini-Lesina and died February 26, 1951 in Crescent City, California. He was the youngest of five children, three of whom immigrated to California. Continue reading