Looking for Cheda relations

From Barbara Reilly, United States

My great grandfather, Gaudenzio Cheda came to California from Maggia around 1860 and had the first dairy ranch. He married Antionia Calzonia and they returned to Maggia several times and had several children.

Gaudenzio’s brother, Pete had a son, Phillip Henry Cheda born in the US traveled to Maggia in 1922 and we are trying to find info on whether he stayed or if there are any Calzonia or Cheda’s that can be traced that I might be related to. My grandfather George Cheda hosted picnics for those living in California from Ticino on our family ranch in Tocoloma, Olema Marin County California. I can not id anyone in the photos.


Devil’s Gulch Ranch, Nicasio, Marin County, California

By Marcia, United States

Lorenzo Martinelli and Family

In August of 1866, W.J. Miller sold the newly partitioned 873-acre ranch to brothers Lorenzo and Pietro Martinelli for $5,000. Lorenzo and his older brother Pietro were born in Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland in the mid 1830s. Continue reading