The Californian letters of Silvio DeBernardi

From Natasha De Bernardi, Ticino

Between 1880 and 1914, 27,000 young people from Ticino emigrated to California. Silvio Debernardi (14.1.1873 -13.7.1954) was one of them. This book ( contains 61 letters written and received by my great grandfather Silvio during his years in California, from 1891 to 1901.


The book is in English with the original Italian transcription printed at the end of each letter. Sixty-one images are included in the publication.

Le lettere californiane di Silvio Debernardi

di Natasha De Bernardi


Fra il 1880 e il 1914, 27 mila giovani ticinesi emigrarono in California. Silvio Debernardi (14.1.1873 – 13.7.1954) era uno di loro. Questo libro contiene 61 lettere scritte e ricevute da mio bisnonno Silvio durante gli anni di emigrazione in California, dal 1891 al 1901. Continue reading

The Swiss from Del Norte County

From Mark Lesina, United States

In response to Ms Amy Bisi-Lacy.

Mark LesinaDel Norte County is in the extreme northern part of California on the coast.  It is kind of interesting that for being such a remote area as it was at the turn of the last century, that so may Ticinese ended up immigrating there.  During these early years one would usually take a steamer ship from San Francisco to Del Norte, along the rough coastline to arrive in Crescent City. Continue reading

Silvio Debernardi (1873-1954): From Valmaggia to California

From Natasha DeBernardi, Switzerland

Silvio Giuseppe Debernardi was born in Lodano, Ticino, Switzerland, on January 14, 1873, the third son of Pasquale and Teresa (born Tunzi). In April 1891, 18-year old Silvio leaves his village in Valmaggia to reach his two older brothers, Geremia and Golia, in California. Continue reading

L’avventura californiana di Silvio Giuseppe Debernardi

di Natascha De Bernardi, Svizzera

Silvio Giuseppe Debernardi è nato a Lodano il 14 gennaio 1873; è il terzo figlio di Pasquale e Teresa nata Tunzi. All’inizio di aprile del 1891, a 18 anni, Silvio parte per raggiungere i due fratelli maggiori, Geremia e Golia, in California. Continue reading

From the village of Giumaglio, Val Maggia

mark-lesinaby Mark Lesina, United States

Elvezio Giuliano Lesina was born April 18, 1878 in Giumaglio to Giuliano and AnnaMaria Giumini-Lesina and died February 26, 1951 in Crescent City, California. He was the youngest of five children, three of whom immigrated to California. Continue reading