The Monighetti story continues

barb_mullen2by Barb Mullen, Australia

The Monighetti family story continues and here we explore aspects of the adult lives of Kit and Carlo Monighetti’s children. Every parent wants their children to have a life that is an improvement on theirs. Continue reading

The Mattei/Monighetti’s to the end of the line

barb_mullen2The Monighetti’s were the wealthy ones in the Mattei family. How was it that this family succeeded financially while others in the family struggled? There is much to be said for the personal qualities and ambitions that go towards creating an approach to life conducive to creating wealth. There is more to be said for the opportunities available to some, that are not available to others. Continue reading

Talk about a complicated family history!

by Jill Sybalsky, genealogist from United States

Marci, Malugani and Cerini and at least 20 other surnames are found in my family tree from Switzerland. My grandparents were born in Switzerland. My grandmother in Giumaglio and my grandfather in Frasco.

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