Any one out there with these names in family tree?

By genealogist Jill Sybalsky, United States

Are any of these names in your family tree?

Marci, Cerini, Malugani, Lanini, Patà, Ferrini, Giottonini, Lesnini, Tamò, Perozzi, Sonognini, Gernardini, Matasci, Volpini, Lucchini, Berunda, Bianchi, Ferrasci, Dughi, Cantoni, Jop/Joppi, Miossi, Pinana, Martella, Fratessa, Franchini, Bustelli, Capini, Carletta and Danini. Continue reading

The excellent homepage of Coldrerio

by Michael Rauck, China

Hello and greetings from the very Old World!

I want to draw your attention to two online resources: Continue reading