Historian Giorgio Cheda

Giorgio will regularly post his views, reminiscing about his own family’s migration story as well as his Californian and Australian encounters.

Genealogist Ronald Willemse

Genealogist Ronald WillemseFamily trees made easy? Unfortunately not in this space, but Ronald does promise to explain why genealogical research is such a complex undertaking.

Michele Andina, swissinfo

Michele Andina, swissinfoIf a picture is worth a thousand words just imagine how much we will learn about London’s Swiss-Italian flavour from Michele’s video posts?

Luigi Jorio, swissinfo

Luigi Jorio, swissinfoAustralian gold proved elusive for many fortune-seekers from Ticino and Graubünden. With a camera in hand instead of a pickaxe, Luigi will go to the state of Victoria to seek nuggets of stories about these pioneers. From March 22-28.

Dale Bechtel, swissinfo

Dale Bechtel, swissinfoDale grew up in Canada hearing stories about his Swiss-German ancestors who crossed the Atlantic on the ship of “Good Hope”. The Swiss-Italians who migrated to California were also guided by dreams and promises of a better life. Dale will follow their trail from April 16 to 23.

I mazzafam

I mazzafamMazzafam will feed his posts with traditional and modern recipes from southern Switzerland. He will begin with a time-honoured potato-polenta creation that we guarantee will live up to its – and our blogger’s – name, “the hunger slayer”! (The recipes are taken from “I mazzafam, fine original recipes from the valleys of southern Graubünden” by Gianni Bertossa, Desertina publishers and “Urchuchi – Tessin und Misox” by Martin Weiss, Rotpunkt publishers.)

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