Does anyone know a Giocomo Canepa or Caneva who emigrated from Losone to Uruguay?

From Pablo Machado Canepa, Uruguay

Our family would like to research our great-grandfather Giacomo Canepa or Caneva who was, according to his marriage certificate, born in Losone. The document is in Spanish since he emigrated to Uruguay in 1875 where all of his descendants were born.

Since he went to America when he was young, we would like to know if there are any relatives there. Continue reading

JB Monaco: “The Dean of North Beach Photographers”

From Dick Monaco, United States

There were five siblings who emigrated from Verscio to the United States starting with Louis who emigrated in 1859.

Louis was the pioneer and first started work in the mines at Lancha Plana in 1859. Then he moved to Virginia City and Gold City in approximately 1862. He was in several businesses in Nevada and started a photo gallery there in 1869. Continue reading

Monighetti’s: Vene, Kath and Kit

barb_mullen2by Barb Mullen, Australia

A story is told of Vene that when he had to stay in Melbourne for a short while, he didn’t want to stay with family in Clifton Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, because it was near the slums of Collingwood. That was Vene, a man persuaded of his self worth. Another story tells of him stopping a tram in between stops, because as he explained, he had an important meeting to attend in the city. Continue reading

Seeking information on Cantieni and Mani families of Pignia, Grisons (Graubünden)

From Kay, Australia

Pietro, Domenica, Conrad, Berchtold [‘Beat’] Cantieni migrated to Gippsland from 1870. Their parents were Joachim Cantieni and Menga Mani. Peter, Dominic and Beat settled in Kevington region of gippsland, and worked as gold miners. They each married local girls and had many children.

Monighetti’s: Meanwhile, back in Victoria

Barb Mullenby Barb Mullen, Australia

Meanwhile, back in VictoriaVene Monighetti was a confident, genial and charming man to many, the ideal type to run a hotel. He had a sharp business mind and had spent a good deal of time learning the tricks of the trade from his mother. He was without question, Kit’s favourite, a man on whom she could draw strength. Continue reading

The Monighetti story continues

barb_mullen2by Barb Mullen, Australia

The Monighetti family story continues and here we explore aspects of the adult lives of Kit and Carlo Monighetti’s children. Every parent wants their children to have a life that is an improvement on theirs. Continue reading

Monighetti’s: Consolidation years

barb_mullen2By Barb Mullen, Australia

It was in December of 1910, not long after becoming a widow, that Kit was operating what was called a ‘two gallon license business’ at the Dudley Store (we would call it a sly grog shop, an unlicensed place where you could buy alcohol). Dudley is a small township close by Wonthaggi. Kit was called to the Police Court in February 1911, to account for her breach of the licensing laws. The court took sympathy on Kit and returned the liquor to her. Continue reading

Monighetti’s: An enterprising couple

barb_mullen2By Barb Mullen, Australia

Kit’s father would have been proud of his daughter. She had married a Swiss Italian ‘with prospects’ and the wider family were all working together to ensure each other’s prosperity. When he died in 1905, he would have felt he had done his best. Continue reading

Monighetti’s: Kit’s early years

Barb Mullen, AustraliaBy Barb Mullen, Australia

Kit was probably born on 4 September in 1875, at the Band of Hope Mill. Neither her birth certificate or registration of baptism have yet been found and many documents have contradictory information in this regard. Continue reading

The Mattei/Monighetti’s to the end of the line

barb_mullen2The Monighetti’s were the wealthy ones in the Mattei family. How was it that this family succeeded financially while others in the family struggled? There is much to be said for the personal qualities and ambitions that go towards creating an approach to life conducive to creating wealth. There is more to be said for the opportunities available to some, that are not available to others. Continue reading

Looking for info on Josephine Maria Bassi

From Halina Racki, Britain

Trying to find anyone who knew Josephine Maria Bassi born 1923 or her family – father Cesare Bassi (b.1872 Switzerland) and brothers Cesare Rino Bassi or Vido Bassi born 1919 and 1921. I believe Cesare Bassi (father Adolfo) came to London from Bellinzona and worked as a waiter- they lived in Soho and my mum went to a French catholic school near Leicester Square.