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3 thoughts on “Your story – we’d like to hear from you!

  1. I have just returned from Someo in the Valley Maggia where my great Grandfather came from. It is a beautiful little village, very quite and old world.
    I meet the city manager who took me to the city hall and showed me the documents and posters of ships that sailed to the new world. It was very grounding to walk the streets that Giuseppi Righetti walked as a young man.
    There was some much memorabilia of the Righetti familys around the church yard from all different branches of the family, it would be interesting to follow up.
    September 2013

  2. Interesting to see your comments, we were in Valcolla in August doing a similar thing – checking out where my great Grandfather Francesco Moresi and his 4 cousins came from to Australia. Their village Colla is just lovely and all the headstones of Moresi in the surrounds of the church was just amazing. Also to see how far it was that they walked via the Gottard Pass to get to Hamburg and find the ship to come to Australia. Very welcoming people.

  3. Ciao, seeking any info on the Pazzi family from Semione esp the line that emigrated to Australia (Mattia Pazzi) via Daylesford/ Hepburn Springs. The London restauranteurs were another more well-known Pazzi family from the same village, but probably only very distantly related.
    Many thanks,
    Robbie Frame

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