Mattei family of Australia now on Facebook

Barb Mullen, AustraliaFrom Barb Mullen, Australia

Over the last year and a half I have produced monthly newsletters on the Mattei family in Australia, spanning the years 1850 to 1950 primarily. The newsletters, Mattei Matters, covered the lives and families of the original Alessandro and Catherine Mattei nee Mulcahy and their 12 children. The last newsletter will be published by mid September. To enable family members with an interest in their genealogy to stay in touch, I have created a Mattei family of Australia Facebook page.

Currently ‘friends’ of the page include cousins whose connection to the Mattei family goes back to the mid 1850s in Cevio, in particular with the large family of which Dr Antonio and Domenica Mattei were parents. The other Cevio names who married these Mattei children include: Traversi, Dolcini, Soldata, Respini, Martinoja, Cauzza, Moretti, Balzani and Morelli. Australian descendants of the Respini and Traversi families are on the Facebook page.

Also of interest to the early Mattei family was Benedetto Guglielmini/Guglielmina (died 1889 in Blackwood, Victoria). If there are any of his family descendants, it would be good to know.

I am building up a profile of the wider Mattei family, based on the research done in 1992 in Cevio and an examination of the LDS records of the church just this year. I am planning to further look at these records again within the next few months.

I know there are descendants of the Dolcini’s who have written on this site. If any of them, or any others who may have a connection to the Mattei’s are interested, then they are welcome to ‘sign on as a friend’ in Facebook. Look up ‘Mattei family of Australia’.

If anyone wants a copy of the newsletters, they are freely available.


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  1. Whats up with the migration Blog? Why do you change the webdesign? The last migration Blog was more useful than this version! (diffrent language filter, etc. …)

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