Seeking information on the Scettrinis from Vogorno

From Carla Rezzonico, Switzerland

I am looking for information on Giuseppe and Paolo Scettrini from Vogorno, sons of Giulio and Angiolina née Gamboni, who left for America at the beginning of the 1900s. Giuseppe, born in 1894, probably left in 1913 (he doesn’t figure on the list at Ellis Island); Paolo, born in 1896, arrived in New York on the 10th of November 1915 aboard the ship Stampalia that left from Genoa. Both ended up California (Waddington, San Ardo) and for a few years sent news home. Giuseppe died in 1951. Paolo married Angeletta – or Angioletta (maiden name unknown) and had three children: Paul, Alex and Raymond, and died in Gonzales in 1933. They left behind their parents (mother died in 1934, father in 1915) and two sisters: Maria (1888-1977, who was my maternal grandmother, and married Giuseppe Mozzettini, who died from the flu in 1918, and Caterina (1890-1978) who married Celeste Mozzetti, who also migrated to California in 1913 and again in 1920 (?). Thank you.

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