Spectacular visit to Coglio by Lafranchi descendant

Courtney LaFranchi, United States

I came to visit Coglio this past December and have been missing it like you wouldn’t believe. I come from a long line of Lafranchi’s, my great(x3) grandfather Guiseppe Pietro being the last to have been born in Coglio. My visit was spectacular, and I cannot thank my distant relatives enough for showing me the house my ancestors built, the church, our family crypt, and everything else. I just felt like sharing what a special experience it was to travel ‘back’ as a fourth generation American. I will most definitely be venturing back as soon as possible, hopefully for longer. I have never seen such a beautiful, serene place, in my life. I detailed my visit in my blog, in two parts:




My family has, since arriving the USA spread out among the states, largely California and Oregon (I was born in Eugene). I currently reside in Idaho, which is uncannily similar to the Magic Valley with a heavy mining industry, deep canyons and tall mountains. But truth be told, it is a poor substitute!

One thought on “Spectacular visit to Coglio by Lafranchi descendant

  1. Courtney, as a LaFranchi myself from California, I’d really like to get in touch with you. I’ve tried a couple of other ways, none of which have paid off. Enjoyed your contributions. How do you descend from Giuseppe Pietro? …my great grandfather too…

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