The cello-playing Traversi from Cevio

From Mark McLaughlan, Australia

My great grandfather and great great grandfather were both named Carlo Traversi and according to the records were born in Cevio which was known as “Swiss-Italian” in our history.Carlo senior came out to Victoria, Australia during the gold rush years around 1850.

The story is that he travelled with his cello and walked to the gold mines in Daylesford which was about 100 miles – on foot. Playing for his supper. Amazing.

Anyone that has any connection would love to hear from you.

One thought on “The cello-playing Traversi from Cevio

  1. Hi Mark,

    In 1825 my great, great aunt Marianna MATTEI married Carlo Fillipo TRAVERSI. Hmmm I wonder if there’s a connection.

    In 1854/5 there were at least 13 TRAVERSI’s who migrated to Aust. One, Carlo TRAVERSI, nicknamed ‘Senty’ seems to have lead quite a life. He died at 40 years in 1872 and it sounds like your guy – he had an orchestra at Daylesford… (ref Gervasoni: Research Directory and Bibliography of Swiss and Italian Pioneers of Australasia 2002.)

    It seems there is a woman in NSW who has done research on him.

    Contact me at: and I’ll give you her details.

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