The Morettis and Filippinis from Cevio and Coglio

From Lee Chiappalone, Australia

Moretti and Filippini: Both families emigrated from Cevio and Coglio Ticino to Australia in the late 1800’s. Family folklore has it they were related but there were no marriages between the families in this country.
Were there marriages back in Ticino? My GG grandfather was Ferdinand Moretti son of Johannes Moretti and Ivania Maria Mautero (not sure if those names are spelt right). Any information most welcome.

2 thoughts on “The Morettis and Filippinis from Cevio and Coglio

  1. Hi Lee,

    The best place for you to get hard data is from the Cevio church records.

    They are available to order from the Family History Library Catalogue of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

    The link to the exact place that has the details is this:

    They are difficult to read, but they are a wonderful source. Your head will probably go spinning.

    They tend to be written in Latin, which is a challenge, then you need to translate the names into Italian and of course to understand, you need to translate the information into English. But hard though it is, it is worthwhile. My experience is that the families in Cevio were very busy marrtying and making babies. I would feel sure they would be connected.

    I am not so sure that you do have the nanes written above right. The first names don’t sound very Italian.

    Have you checked Gentili’s ‘The Settlement of Swiss Ticino Immigrants in Aust’? You could access it through your local library perhaps. I bought my own from the Daylesford Historical Society. It mentions Ferdinando Moretti, his brothers, wife and kids.


  2. Thanks Barb,
    I got a copy of his marriage certificate and he has his place of birth as Fribourg. He also has his parents names as Joann Moretti and Joanna Maria Mantero.
    That book by Gentilli my father has and he disputes the fact that he (Gentilli) has Ferdinand coming out here with brothers. He (dad) would like to know where this fella got his information as the family folklore has him coming out on his own ( ie with no immediate family members)
    I agree with you It all probably needs a visit to Switzerland to really find out more. I couldn’t find him in the website you gave.
    Thanks anyway,

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