Does anyone know a Giocomo Canepa or Caneva who emigrated from Losone to Uruguay?

From Pablo Machado Canepa, Uruguay

Our family would like to research our great-grandfather Giacomo Canepa or Caneva who was, according to his marriage certificate, born in Losone. The document is in Spanish since he emigrated to Uruguay in 1875 where all of his descendants were born.

Since he went to America when he was young, we would like to know if there are any relatives there.

According to his own accounts, his name was Santiago. However I know that this name doesn’t exist. He must have been called Giacomo.

His family name was Canova and according to what he said, he lived in Menzonio. He was born on February 16, 1859 in Losone. His father was also a Santiago and his mother was Maria Lorenzetti.

I visited Menzonio when I worked in Switzerland (I’m a doctor) and soon hope to settle for good in canton Vaud. I knew that the surname Canova didn’t exist in Menzonio. He was probably either a Caneva or Canepa.

I found many Lorenzettis in the cemetery of Losone, but none related to the mother of our great-grandfather.

A member of staff at the municipality of Locarno did not have time to look in the archives there. I now live in Catalonia and would like to thank in advance anyone who can help with my research.

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