Record of birth for Battista Pedroia?

Alison, from Australia

 My grandmother’s father was Battista Pedroia or something similar-maybe Pedrojo as he himself signed. He came to Australia from Prato in Switzerland via Dieppe with his brother Pasquale on the Lucie in 1855 in his early 20’s. How might I go about getting a record of his birth? His parents are named in the shipping record as Guissepi and Maria Hornie. He settled at Guildford near Castlemaine Victoria, Australia. Any help would be wonderful as I had not known he existed until a few months ago. My grandmother had been made a ward of state in 1875 and his wife, her mother and he had separated by then. There had been one older child Elizabeth, a second Katherine who was accidently smothered by the mother at 1 month of age. Then there was a son George and my grand mother, another Catherine, who was born in December 1869. Though marriage dates (1862/3) are given on the birth records for the children, I can find no marriage record or any death certificate for Batti sta or Catherine Young, his wife. Hoping someone can help.

3 thoughts on “Record of birth for Battista Pedroia?

  1. Alison,

    Your ancestor appears in Gentilli’s record of Ticino immigrants to Australia. If you have not seen the entry it reads:

    PEDROIA – OJA (Pedroja is the original form of the name, Pedoia is a modern variant). Battista Born 1824 Brother Pasquale Born 1832 in Prato-Sornico (Valle Maggia). Arrived Melbourne Ship Lucia in 1855. Married Catherine Young, Children Katherine 1865 (d in infancy), Caterina born 1870, died Castlemaine 1880. His brother Pasquale married Hannah Ingham Goodwill. Their children William Pascoe born 1871, married 1905 had one son and Rosetta born 1875, married 1903, 3 children, Pasquale died East Melb Hospital 1897 (silicosis?) buried Carlton Cemetery.

    The name Pedroia is unusual in Ticino with less than 20 of that name in the phone book in Locarno (according to Gentilli’s records for the 1970s). So finding details should not be too difficult. Gentilli is not always entirely correct! But it is a good record. Gentilli says Pasquale was a miner in Tasmania for 10 years. Could Battista have moved there? I hope this helps a little.


  2. Alison:
    I stumbled accross this Immigration site today and immediately identified the name Pedroia as being familiar.
    I realise that I did an extensive research into the family’s presence in the Guildford area back in 2014. It covers some 15 pages plus I have a lot of certificates etc from memory.
    You are quite welcome to have a copy of them if you wouldn’t mind sending your email address.
    I am the contact for a small history collection kept in the Guildford Public Hall and prior to that I was President of Castlemaine Historical Society.

    Regards Ray Pattle

  3. Hi Ray, i only found this site today after a google search on Pedroya. My ggf was Pasquale Pedroja (brother of Battista) and we have been trying to put together the Pedroja early history for some time (thanks mainly to Trove and mining permits). Alison and I have corresponded for some years and keep finding new info, certainly ancestry’s DNA has helped a lot (albeit with a few surprises).
    I’d love a copy of the info you have and I’ll send it on to Alison.
    Kind Regards
    Russ Higginbotham

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