Who was Michele Tonelli? Does the archive have the answer?

Bechtel Dale And what has Amy Lacy discovered about her father’s upbringing?

I had the opportunity of visiting Ticino in August where I tried to answer these questions and a few more.

The reports have all been published as part of the swissinfo.ch special, Swiss-Italian Migrations. Have a look. “Finding the 19th century mystery man” is about my visit to the cantonal archives in Bellinzona. A lot of you wanted to know what kind of research information is available at the centre. I think it will provide you with some insights … the story also includes some valuable genealogical research links, courtesy of genealogist, Ronald Willemse. Thanks Ronald!

The homecoming a father never made” is about my visit and chat with Amy Lacy, a regular contributor and follower of this blog who now splits her time between her native California and her father’s native Switzerland. Amy’s persistence in keeping alive the memory of Luigi Bisi is truly remarkable.

I didn’t know what to expect from a meeting with Piergiorgio Baroni and Joe Broggini in Lugano. But it turned out to be quite a lively discussion – once we agreed on which language to speak!

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