Monighetti’s: Meanwhile, back in Victoria

Barb Mullenby Barb Mullen, Australia

Meanwhile, back in VictoriaVene Monighetti was a confident, genial and charming man to many, the ideal type to run a hotel. He had a sharp business mind and had spent a good deal of time learning the tricks of the trade from his mother. He was without question, Kit’s favourite, a man on whom she could draw strength.

About 1932 they had returned to the Wonthaggi area: Vene ran the Dalyston Hotel, Kit was at Hicksborough and Kath was in Wonthaggi. The family worked to their mutual benefit. There was never any doubting though that it was Vene who inherited the business head.

By 1935, the family had settled in the Commercial Hotel in Hay, New South Wales, a small country town. At this time, Kit describes herself as a barmaid, Vene is the hotel manager and Roy is a barman. By 1943, Kit is calling herself the proprietor while Vene is still the manager.

kit_womenuniformMeanwhile, the extended family were still a part of their lives. In this picture taken in the vegetable garden at Hay, front right, is Phyllis Dare, daughter to Kit’s sister, Taresa Dare nee Mattei.
Roy Monighetti

It was in August 1940 that Roy enlisted in the Army and joined the troops in World War Two. Roy was a very short, cheerful man who enjoyed the good things in life. He was 34 at the time. His war years took a toll on his health.

He served as a Batman to a senior officer and saw service in the Middle East and in New Guinea. It was in September 1945 that he was discharged.

Roy, 2nd from left.


On his return to Australia and within a year, Roy had branched out and established himself at the Royal Hotel in Echuca, in country Victoria. He was there for many years.

In November 1970, Roy passed away. He had been living for some time with his sister Kathleen in her house in Armadale.

On his passing he was remembered for his concern for the sick and the aged.

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