Looking for info on Josephine Maria Bassi

From Halina Racki, Britain

Trying to find anyone who knew Josephine Maria Bassi born 1923 or her family – father Cesare Bassi (b.1872 Switzerland) and brothers Cesare Rino Bassi or Vido Bassi born 1919 and 1921. I believe Cesare Bassi (father Adolfo) came to London from Bellinzona and worked as a waiter- they lived in Soho and my mum went to a French catholic school near Leicester Square.

2 thoughts on “Looking for info on Josephine Maria Bassi

  1. My father was Cesare Rino Bassi. He died 9 years ago after having lost contact with his brother, known as Frank rather than his given name, and his sister, Josephine. I have very little knowledge of my grandfather Cesare Bassi who died in 1951 and even less of my grandmother, Elizabeth Robertson. They separated when the children were very young, Josephine went to a family and the boys were put in a very brutal orphanage in Southall.

    Elizabeth was from Edinburgh. When the marriage was registered in 1921 (I beleive they married earlier) she was 26 and Cesare was 49. I have tried and failed to find out what happened to her after the separation. I have discovered that she gave birth to a daughter (father unknown) shortly after the separation which probably explains why it happened. This child was immediately adopted so I guess that was four children she never saw again. She gave her home address in Edinburgh on the birth certificate (she gave birth in a hostel in London). She named the child after her mother who died when she was about 5 years old. I have a lot of information about that side of the family.

  2. Thanks for your response. I have a slightly different story according to my mother Josephine (who died in 1984). She knew about her sister although I don’t think they ever met. She said her name was Margaret but it appears to be registered as Margery Bassi.
    It would be great to hear something about the Bassi family if you are happy to contact me (You would be the first member of my mother’s family that we have spoken to!)

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