Seeking info on Marca’s from Vallemaggia

Ivan Marca, United States

I am seeking information on my father’s mother’s family. Her name was Florina (Dalessi, maiden name) Marca. Her parents were Emilia (Dalidio, maiden name)and Giuseppe Dalessi. Her sibling were Dorina 1886-1886, Emma 1888-1950, Ermino 1891-1929, Vittorio 1892-?, Rinaldo 1893-1945,Letizia 1895-1917, Emilio 1897-1979, Plinio 1898-1955, Faustino 1910-?, and twin sister Anita 1910-1996.

My great grandfather Guiseppe immigrated to America as a farmer and moved to Marin County Caifornia in a town called Tomales where he met my great grandmother Emilia and married her in the Assumption of Mary in Tomales. There they had their first three children Dorina, Florina (my grandmother) and Emma. Then moved back to Ticino Switzerland in Cavergno where they had the rest of their children. My great grandmother was born March 28th 1868 to Marrianna (Fillippini, maiden name) and Giacomo Pietro Dalidio and died February 20th 1935. My grandfather Giuseppe was born January 31st 1857 and died July 21st 1928.

My grandmother’s full name was Florina Sophia Dalessi, she was baptized Sept. 7th 1887 and her godparents were Pietro Dalessi and Sophia Calegari.

If you have any information of my grandmother family the Dalessi’s, or my great grandmother’s family the Dalidio’s or even my great great grandmother the Fillipini’s I would be very interested to know and have this information. Thank you.

One thought on “Seeking info on Marca’s from Vallemaggia

  1. Hi

    Not sure if this comment box reaches you, but my father was attempting to forward an email to you and I wanted to make sure you got it.

    His grandfather was from the Ticino area and was a well-known photographer in San Francisco. Photographs of his 1908 trip to the area can be seen here:

    Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the pages for additional images.

    My father’s email address is .

    Thank you.

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