Contributions wanted for Swiss game, Helvetiq

Jean-François de Buren, United States

From New Glarus, to New Bern, from Vevay to Sacramento, more than a million Americans of Swiss-descent have left their mark on the United States. Figures such as Albert Gallatin, Meyer Guggenheim, Louis-Joseph Chevrolet and Renée Zellweger are well known, but what about those unique stories that have yet to be shared. To honor this rich heritage, the Swiss Center Los Angeles in partnership with Lausanne-based RedCut will release later this year a Swiss-American version of the popular Swiss trivia game Helvetiq.

box_cover_72Does your local Swiss club have interesting information, trivia or little known facts about the history of the Swiss in your area? Do you know of any Swiss inventions, enduring traditions, local luminaries or tall tales? No fact is too trivial, no anecdote is too obscure. The intent is for the game to be a living testament to all the Swiss who have made a difference in the United States.

Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jean-François de Buren, Helvetiq Swiss-American Edition Project Manager

One thought on “Contributions wanted for Swiss game, Helvetiq

  1. Hello Jean-François,
    you might want to check out this short story on Helvetia, WV,
    that I shot a couple of years ago for the Italian-speaking branch of Swiss Public TV:
    Unfortunately Eleanor, the main character in the story, died last March.
    In case you’d like to learn more about West Virginia’s Helvetia,
    I’m sure that Bruce Cressler (Helvetia’s librarian:
    would be more than happy to assist and help you. You might
    discover one or two precious nuggets of Swiss-American trivia…
    Best regards
    Vasco Dones
    El Cerrito, CA

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