Research on Vanoni family

My name is Leonardo and I’m a Brazilian student and doing research on the Vanoni family. I have information that the Vanoni family lived for about 300 years in the region of Aurigeno, near Valle Maggia, and afterwards lived in Como and Cuasso al Monte in Lombardy in Italy.

There are reports that the coat of arms of the Vanoni family can be found painted on the sides of chapels and houses in Aurigeno.

If possible I would like to have contact with descendants of the Vanoni family or Domenico Vanoni (1830) who was born in Cuasso al Monte, son of Giuseppe Vanoni and Maria Giovanna Calderara.

I appreciate any information, images or photos that you could send me which would assist me in my research. I want to make a film to tell the story of the Vanoni family in Italy and Brazil.

All expenses will be covered and the money transferred into bank accounts once the details are provided.

With thanks in advance and looking forward to any quick responses.

3 thoughts on “Research on Vanoni family

  1. Hi Leonardo,
    This website has the Vanoni coat of arms I have been to Aurigeno and did not see it, but Giovanni Antonio VANONI is from Aurigeno and a country Artist, who has many paintings throughout the Maggia Valle. I do not have Domenico on my family tree but there are some possible Giuseppe’s, who should also be on the Morelli website. Good Luck with your project. Marg Pekin

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