The story of the Mattei family of Cevio about to unfold

From Barbara Mullen, Australia

I have begun to draw together my data on the Mattei family of Cevio, to prepare a story for the descendants of Alessandro Mattei who migrated to Aust in 1855.

His brother Pietro ended up in California I believe. In 1993 I visited Cevio and also had the pleasure of meeting Giorgio Cheda (thank you Giorgio). I was lucky to be able to explore the church records and found ancestors going back to the mid 1700s. If there are any interested in this, feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “The story of the Mattei family of Cevio about to unfold

  1. I am researching ancestors in Guimaglio. I am travelling over to this area and have been advised to go to Cevio where the records for the Valley Maggia are kept for researching.
    From your story it is a good idea, do you have any advise for my research. Can you tell me where and when the research building will be open to do my research.
    Is there any access to old papers. I will be hoping to research back from about 1887.
    Any help or advise greatly appreciated

  2. Hi Carlene,
    It was in ’93 that I visited Cevio. If you speak German or Italian, it should be a breeze but we didn’t and we did fine. Of course, brash Aussie’s can be culturally insensitive so we worked hard at being considered and thoughtful.
    We asked the Cevio Parish Priest to view the records, and we were able to do so, however he was hovering all the time and was hypersenstive about privacy, so we could not pursue possible links. We gave the priest a donation to the church.I am aware the LDS has filmed these records and they could be accessed that way probably, if you ordered the films (I can send you the attachment to your email address if you want). But are there no church records in Guimaglio? I would investigate this.
    The man we saw at the Civil Registry in Cevio was wonderful, but his records were only from the early 1850s I thought. I believe that you can access this information by ordering stuff and paying for it. We weren’t expected to pay here, then.
    I would put time aside to consider the cemetries – they are marvellous and are a wealth of information (although not always directly relevant) I took lots of photos but didn’t write on the back of them and now it’s hard to read the gravestones…
    The museum in Cevio had a wonderful exhibition about a cousin of my ancestor – but we weren’t sure of the link them and hadn’t allocated leisurely time to study the documents on display. The building itself was a fantastic example of life in earlier times. The museum staff at the time were not interested is helping – I had written to them prior to arriving and didn’t get any acknowledgement of the letter either. Perhaps writing in English wasn’t a good idea.
    Cevio is a stunningly beautiful place. The best ever panetone was made by the local baker – a Mattei – who wasn’t interested in connecting.
    You will have a wonderful time. I would suggest staying in Guimaglio to get a sense of the place, if possible (we were in a camping ground, not in Cevio and had to drive there). To consider what it was like back there and then takes imagination and it’s good if you can try to envision it through their eyes.
    Finally, it was quite some ago and things change a fair bit. It may very very different now. Good luck, I’d love to hear how you get on. If yo have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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