Can anyone offer help with Pervangher ancestor?

From Glynnis Anderson-Smith, United States

My great great grandfather was Nazaro Pervangher, born 1840 (+/- 1) in Airolo. Somehow he made it to Vicksburg, Mississippi between his birth (1840) and 1860. I found him on a census in 1870 with someone named Antonio but cannot find the relation or any other information on him. They married sometime in 1860 – 1870 and he died in 1890’s. I can find nothing on his immigration/passage into America. Can anyone help?

2 thoughts on “Can anyone offer help with Pervangher ancestor?

  1. Hi Glynnis: I am searching my own relatives, Beffa, from Airolo now. I have a microfilm from Airolo. Do you have access to the same film? I was searching for Beffa around 1840 and looked for your relative, Nazaro, since I was already there. The only Pervangher I found was a Ernesto Sebastiano born in 1841. The father was Fortunato Pervangher and the mother was a Forni. I don’t know if this is the person you are searching. I can email you a copy of the birth/baptism if you want. Bill

  2. Bill – YES! I would love for you to email the copy you have. I am not sure that is the person I am looking for, but as you know, sometimes, the ability to exclude someone is just as important as finding them. my email is glynnis[at]

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