Seeking info on Francisco Passerini, from Rivera?

From Rob Thomson, Australia

We are looking for information on my Great great grandfather Francisco Passerini. He arrived in Melbourne on the Sir John franklin in 1857 having sailed from Liverpool.

We think his father’s name was Jakob and his Mother was Lucy and was born in Rivera about 1833. We have some information that the birth of a Franciscus Atonius Passerini is registered on Church records in Rivera on 7 Oct 1833, his fathers name was Jakob. We have no idea if this is our ancester or not.

Francisco married Jane Sim Stains (Lowrie) and had 5 children. He died in Melb in 1893.

Can anyone help with information and how we can confirm the authenticity of the birth registration?

4 thoughts on “Seeking info on Francisco Passerini, from Rivera?

  1. Francisco Passerini was my great grandfather. We have very little information, but according to his death certificate it looks like his father’s name was Jacob. Jane (Lourie) gave birth to 6 children – Marguerite (1877) Mary Ellen (unknown DOB) Francesco Alexander (1879) Mabel (1880) David (1882) and my grandmother Annie Elizabeth (1884).

    According to the birth certificate of Francesco it seems that Francisco Passerini came from Ticini, Switzerland. He was a miner and we suspect he came for the gold rush. He married Jane in Walhalla.

    These dates are all approximate, except for Annie Elizabeth’s DOB and our information has been gleaned from birth certificates.

    Francisco is buried at Melbourne General cemetery and a member of our family went there many years ago and unfortunately there is no headstone on the grave, so not a lot to see.

    I will comment again if I manage to retrieve more information. I started tracing my grandfather, but have just recently tried to untangle the Passerini branch.

    Cheers, Joy

  2. Thanks Joy for your relpy,

    My Great Grandfather is Frank Alexander Passerini/Alexander. Most of the Children were born in Aberfeldy, with David and Annie born in Walhalla. We have recently been in contact with a member of Marguerite and have some information but again there is very little from when francesco arrived from Switzerland and the evidence that he spent many years in Aberfeldy where he met Jane Stains nee Lawrie.

    Rob Thomson

  3. Where did you find that Francisco arrived on the Sir John Franklin. I have that information scribbled on a note from some of my Mum’s papers, but some of the other things on the list are wrong. I can’t find Passerini in shipping lists anywhere.

    I also don’t understand Jane Lowry’s names. There seem to be many variations. I noticed you referred to her as Jane Stains (nee Lawrie), does that mean she was married before her marriage to Francisco? Lowry seems to be sometimes spelt differently and there is also a reference to Jane Sim Lowry. On my grandparents marriage certificate her name is written as Jean Lowrie which of course could be wrong. I also found on Australian BMD that she remarried, August Ewald KRUGER in Fremantle in 1899.

    Which branch of the family do you belong to? I do remember Nan talking about her sisters Marguerite and Mabel, but I was pretty young and didn’t pay much attention. I do remember her telling her that her brother dropped the Passerini and became simply Frank Alexander.

    From war records I found it seems that David was killed in action in 1918.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Regards, Joy

  4. Joy,

    Jane Sim Lawrie is her maiden name. She married Staines before Francesco and Evaleanor was their first child. All the children born except Francesco Jr, were registered at birth as Staines, for some reason.

    The reference to Francesco Passerini arriving on the Sir John Franklin is available on the unassisted shipping list, use the name spelling Passinini. There is also a list of jane and family sailing to perth in 189 something. Use Passerini for that reference.

    Davids service records are available to be viewed on the National Archives Website. They make interesting reading and he was a brave man I think.

    My great grandfather was Frank Alexander. My father can remember Annie Carey visiting my great grandmother in Adelaide and going down to a railway station to wave to here as she was going past in the train back to Melbourne and her throwing bags of lollies out of the window too them.

    My email is if that contact is easier.


    Rob Thomson

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