School photo from Val Morobbia 1930

Mark LesinaFrom Mark Lesina, United States

The below class photo of Scuole di Val Morobbia 1930 that was published in a magazine in the late 1970’s or in the early 80’s. The two adults are identified in the photo, however the students are not. Since the photo was taken in 1930’s some of these students stayed in Valle Morobbia and helped shape the valley into what it is today, while others may have immigrated around the world. Do you recognize anyone?

Scuole di Val Morobbia 1930
School of Valley Morobbia 1930

The photo was sent to me by Elma (aka Emma) Maretti-Guidotti who was born February 10, 1927 in San Antonio, Switzerland to Fillipo and Maria Maretti-Maretti. Emma immigrated to California’s Salinas Valley where she married and had two sons. My Grandmother Erminia Martini-Lesina was a cousin of hers and for a while worked as a nanny to Emma’s two sons. Emma had sent the photo to me as it contained Carlo Martini, brother of Erminia.

Emma’s parents as mentioned were Fillipo Maretti (Apr 12, 1895/Jul 03, 1994 and son of Tomaso and Martina Victoria Martini-Maretti) and Maria Maretti (Feb 18, 1904/Jul 15, 1975 and daughter of Carlo “Chester” Erminia Codiroli-Maretti). To this couple 10 children was born. One of their son’s has a museum located in Valle Morobbia dedicated to the history of the Valley. It offers you a view of what life was like – the tools that were used, living conditions, a look at what the Ticinesse immigrate had to prepare for their voyage to America, etc.,- Giancarlo has organized an incredible account of life in Valle Morobbia. If anyone is traveling in the area and is interest in the history of the people and the valley – it is a must see.

One thought on “School photo from Val Morobbia 1930

  1. An update to the class photo. Diego Santini took the photo to Antonietta Santini -(Tedeschi) of Valle Morobbia and Antonietta worked on identify the students. This is who she believes the students are:
    1 = Rinaldo Bottinelli
    2 = Olga Codiroli
    3 = Emma Bassetti
    4 = Ebe Codiroli
    5 = Ida Bassetti
    6 = Giuseppe Maretti
    7 = Bruno Boggia
    8 = Ardito ?
    9 = Lino Galacchi
    10 = Carlino ?
    11 = Carlo Martini
    12 = Renata Bassetti
    13 = Angelina Bassetti
    14 = Adele Delmenico
    15 = Enni Galacchi
    16 = Adolfo Codiroli
    17 = Mario Bassetti
    18 = Lino Bassetti
    19 = Attilio Bassetti
    20 = Mario Bassetti (future priest Don Mario Bassetti)
    21 = Irene Codiroli
    22 = Lina Boggia
    23 = Marina Bassetti
    24 = Adele Tamagni
    25 = Maria Bassetti
    26 = Ines Codiroli
    27 = Alice Codiroli
    28 = Erminio Codiroli
    29 = Pietro Codiroli
    30 = Primo Delmenico
    31 = Siro Codiroli or Giuseppe Codiroli
    32 = Ernesto Maretti
    33 = Lidio Bassetti
    34 = Pierino Bassetti
    35 = Egidio Delmenico
    36 = Fernando Boggia
    37 = Ettore Boggia
    38 = Mario Maretti
    39 = Armando Maretti
    40 = Armando Codiroli
    41 = Ugo Codiroli

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