Giovanni Johann Martini family tree

Mark LesinaFrom Mark Lesina, United States

In response to the reply from Robert Ransom,

Giovanni Johann Martini (Sep 18, 1823/May 02, 1909) married Marianna Codiroli (Sep 03, 1820/Mar 29, 1885) all in St Antonio, Valle Morobbia, Ticino, Switzerland. To this marriage were born 5 children: Carolina Martini-Boggini – Eugenia Martini-Maretti – Marianna Martini-Boggini – Angelina Maria Martini-Martini and Antonio Martini.Carolina Martini (Apr 07, 1852/__) married Carlo Boggini (Sep 15, 1874/__)

Eugenia Martini (Jul 18, 1856/ Feb 28, 1892) married Giuliano Maretti (Feb 10, 1849/May 20, 1897)

Marianna Martini (August 11, 1866/__) married Stefano Boggini (Sep 02, 1855/__)


The headstone of Giovanni and Angelina Maria Martini-Martini

Angelina Maria Martini (Apr 05, 1859/Nov 07, 1941) married on March 10, 1880, Giovanni Martini (Feb 07, 1849 /Sep 19, 1911). These were my Great-Grandparents. Both Martini before marriage see other postings for details)

Antonio Martini (Feb 12, 1850/Jul 26, 1925) married Dominica Pedraita (Jun 21, 1850/Aug 09, 1919) and they had seven children:

1) Enrico Martini (March 26, 1871/__)


The funeral card of Maria Martini-Boggini

2) Maria Fulvica Martini (July 17, 1879/Feb 21, 1955 ) married Antonio Boggini (Oct 27, 1874/1953)

This is the line that my grandmother would visit in California and her brother is pictured with in Switzerland.

3) Giovanni Martini (Jul 30, 1881/__)

4) Joannes Petrus Martini (Jul 1882 /___)

5) Giuseppe Martini (Jul 10, 1888 / Oct 14, 1960 ) married Giovannia Maria Martini

6) Achilley Martini (Oct 23, 1894/__)

7) Martina Martini (Feb 19, 1877 /__) married on April 24, 1900 to a Giusesppe Tamagni (Feb 28, 1874 /__).

This couple, is the couple you mentioned in your reply, the brother of your grandfather and his wife.

With this said, my grandmother, Ermina Martini-Lesina was a first cousins with Martina Martini-Tamagni, wife of your grandfather’s brother. Sorry but this is the side I know the least about.


Giuseppa Boggia-Boggini – Carlo Martini – Don Togni – Enrico Boggini – Don Andrea

One thought on “Giovanni Johann Martini family tree

  1. Graziella Boggini, sent me a note of correction: The man I had listed as Don Togni is actually Tedy Boggini and Don Andrea’s family name is Laffranchi. Thanks!!!

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