Any descendant of the Pata family?

From Cathy Lunghusen, Australia

I am also a descendent of Tranquillo Pata. His daughter Eliza Ann (B 1877) married my Great Grandfather Albert Russell, which is my mother’s side of the family.

As my mother was never really very interested in family history, I have only recently started researching that side of my family, hence only very recently discovering the Pata line.

I would be VERY interested to speak with or communicate with any other descendents and discover more about this part of my family history.

6 thoughts on “Any descendant of the Pata family?

  1. Hi Jill,

    Iam the granddaughter of Stanley Russell, although I never met him as he died before I was born. My Mum is his daughter. I tried to register on your site, but as I haven’t had any response yet and can’t login, I’m assuming the registration process is not automated. How are you related to the Patas?

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. I am interested in the family history of the Pata family . My grandmother was a Pata.
    I have heard that either her father or his father came from Italy on the Swiss border –
    possibly from Sonogno with his brother and then one of the brothers went back to
    Italy . My grandmothers name was Thelma Pata and she had two sisters Roma and
    Pauline .Her father re-married and had more children.
    kind regards,
    Susan Attrill

  3. Has anybody seen the entry by a Mrs. Lawson from Australia, also a descendant of the Pata family of Sonogno, on this SwissInfo website one or two years ago? Most informative on the Patas, especially Tranquillo and Cherubino (the latter a famous painter who collaborated with Courbet). The Pata geneaology is well-researched, and is on-line but I have unfortunately lost the links to it. The Patas are very much present in Sonogno and Gordola (at the mouth of the Verzasca Valley) today; as I know one family well, I would be happy to act as an intermediary for serious enquiries.

  4. Hi,
    I am also a relation in the Pata family. I would be willing to share with anyone any information.
    Karen Arnott Greensborough Melbourne

  5. The English translation of twenty letters by Tranquillo Pata is now available in “The Emigration of Swiss Italians to the Australian Goldfields” by Giorgio Cheda (tr A. Pagliaro) obtainable via the Royal Victorian Historical Society’s website.

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