2 thoughts on “Information on Golia DeBernardi

  1. Hi Daryl, I have a lot of information about Golia. I am the great-granddaughter of his brother, Silvio Debernardi (see a previous post on MigrationBlog). I have several letters that Golia wrote home and photographs, and I am in contact with one of his granddaughters, Virgene Peshel, who has a wealth of information as well. You can write to me at: info at ndb-agency.ch, then I’ll reply from my regular address (trying to avoid spam).

  2. Here are some facts about Golia’s life:

    Golia Guglielmo Debernardi was born in Lodano, Ticino, on May 21, 1871 and died in Glide, Oregon, on February 26, 1942. He is buried in Roseburg, Oregon. In March 1890, at the age of 18, he left for California, where he joined his older brother Geremia. A few months later their younger brother Silvio arrived as well. Golia stayed a few months in San Francisco and Soledad, and then moved to Crescent City, California, where he spent more than a decade working on ranches. There were very few Ticinese there and so he had to learn English. In 1896, after having saved some money, he wrote home asking his father to send him a bride. On January 25, 1897 Gilda Tunzi (22.11.1873-20.5.1948) arrived from Lodano and the following day they were married. They lived in Crescent City and later moved to Glide, Oregon, where they bought a ranch. They had six children, one of whom, Emilio Dante, was killed in a hunting accident at age 14. In letters he wrote home during his first years in California, Golia writes about how difficult it is to make any money and how he sometimes regrets having emigrated. However, he never again set foot in Switzerland.

    Best, Natasha De Bernardi

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