Port of entry of Giacomo Salmina?

May Salmina Voris, United States

I would like to find the port of entry to the US of my father, Giacomo Salmina. He shows up in census records in San Luis Obispo, CA USA in 1920. I have baptismal records from Intragna,Switzerland, but would like to find how and when he came to USA. I think it was around 1889.

3 thoughts on “Port of entry of Giacomo Salmina?

  1. Hi May: Nice to hear from you again. I think we have compared notes on Salmina immigrations in the past. My great grandfather, Battista Salmina, came first in 1857, but there is no sign of him on any passenger manifests. He returned to Intragna and married Sabina Salmina, and they returned in 1877, but again there are no passenger records. The 1930 census shows that your dad, “Jim” Salmina, came in 1889. The Ellis Island database only begins in 1892, but he should be on New York passenger manifests, if he came through New York. If he went to Panama and crossed to the Pacific, he would have been in the San Francisco records, but those were destroyed in the earthquake and fire in 1906.

  2. May, My great grandparents came to Petaluma, CA from the same Valle Maggia area in the 1880-1890’s and I found records at the Ellis Island website but they had changed the spelling of their last names (their last name was Jori and was changed to Yori), so you may want to search some different spellings.

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