Help requested on del Corchio or Torcetti

Jan, Australia
I am hoping that someone may be able to help me with my reserch please. I am trying to track down the birthplace and date of Carlo del Corchio la Franchini or Carlo Torcetti who migrated to Australia on the ship Lucie arriving in Australia in 1855. All I know about the Swiss connection for Carlo is that he was born in Ticino about 1835 and that he came to Australia with a friend Nicola Ostini. I do know that Nicola was born on the 21/9/1831 in Bellinzona. They both arrived in Victoria and then sometime between 1855 and 1870 the moved to New South Wales.
I am researching this name for a friend whose surname is Torcetti, it is from this friends father that I have got the information that I have. I would really like to be able to find out more about Carlo.
Thanks in advance

12 thoughts on “Help requested on del Corchio or Torcetti

  1. I don’t think so. I am more interested in Carlo Torcetti I am researching the Torcetti family for Carl and Hazel Torcetti. I have only got the information from Carl and Hazel which has a little information on Nicola and his family. The Ostini name is a link that I am working on in the hope that I might find out if Nicola and Carlo were related. Do you have anything on Carlo at all.
    I wish there was a way that we could be in contact with each other apart from through here.
    Cheers Jan

  2. HI Jan,
    Have you got their passenger list from the public records on line?
    They are not in Giorgio Cheda’s book, that i have found.
    Is Carlo del Corchio La Franchini all one name or did he go by 2 names??
    I’m descended from the Lafranchi family from Coglio Ticino!
    I’m in Melbourne, where are you. There is a SwissItalian Festa every year in Daylesford in October if you can make it.

  3. Greetings Jan – I guess you know about Dr GENTILLI’s (and others) books on Ticinesi migration to Oz – if not, get back to me on If you’re liing in/near Melbourne you are close to Oz’s best respository of information on the Swiss coming into Oz. I also have a heap of files I can send to help you out.

    A John Parker – Perth

  4. Hi Debra,
    Thank you for you reply,I am not sure where to begin with this now. Carlo del Corchio la Franchini was the name the I got from the shipping list for the ‘Lucie’ from the transcipts. But thanks to John Eicholzer I was told about Carlo Laffranchini Deltorchio in the book by Dr GENTILLI. I feel that this may be the person that I am trying to find. If it is the same Carlo he changed his name when he got to either Australia or when he went to NSW. This has to be the best jigsaw I have ever worked on as I don’t have much on him other than Newspaper articles for Carlo Torcetti.
    I live in Toowoomba Queensland and would love to be able to get to Melbourne to do some research but that is impossible at the moment. I can be contacted at
    I also need help with where to try in Switzerland to get info on my mystery person, though I might try to get a copy of his passport, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    I hope this all makes sense and look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Does it escape anyone that Deltorchio is strikingly similar to del Corchio. Perhaps someone had bad handwriting or just mis spelled it. Also, the last part of Deltorchio is similar to Torcetti. Added to that, the name LaFranchini appears in both. The next thing is that this guy LaFranchini was a married man so if he was running away from the missus then he had a good reason to change his name. Birth date is about right and he was on the right ship. I think this man was my great great grandfather.

  6. Yes Carl that would make sense to me. lol

    Terry Ostini, I have info on the Ostinis on the Torcetti file. Please contact me if you wish and I will let you have all I have.

  7. To Jan:

    Hello Jan,
    II am a Ostini, living in Ticino, Switzerland, patrician of Ravecchia (Bellinzona). I’m already in contact with Terry and Jenny Ostini, because it seams, we have the same origins (I’m searching our roots, here in Ravecchia…!)
    By the side, in my family tree I’ve also Laffranchinis (my great-grandmother…), who are patricians of Ravecchia, too. Now I’m looking for the Laffranchini Del Torchio, a lineage of the Laffranchini… If you have more informations about the person (Carlo Torcetti) you are searching to, it would help me for my researches. For exemple, do you have the passengers manifest of the ship used by Carlo und Nichola?
    Kind regards

  8. hello Aldo I am the great grandson of carlo Torcetti maybe (Carlo Laffranchini Del Torchio) who we think mave have been a cousin Nicola Ostini, they traveled out to Australia in around 1854 my father has some information regarding the ship that they came out on together it was the ‘Lucie’ there was only one other passenger that really fit the discription of my great grandfather on the ship and that was Carlo Laffranchini Del Torchio, we think that he might have changed his name to Torcetti for some reason ??. If we could find some link between Nicola Ostini and Carlo then we might be a little closer to finding out about our family.
    Any info that you could supply re: the Ostini and Laffranchini Del Torchio link would be fantastic. you can contact me at

  9. Hi all,
    I am descended from Nichola Ostini and would like any info that anyone would like to share with me regarding Nichola. I have bits and pieces but can’t get enough. Would like to find out more about Bellinzona family
    My e-mail is

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