What would prompt a 13-year-old to leave home for Australia?

From Christine Sarina King , Australia

My great grandfather was Pietro Giovanni Sarina, born Sant’ Antonino 1842? died Sydney Australia 1883.

His parents were Pietro Sarina & Maria Tamagni.
He came to Australia from Antwerp on the Dutch barque “Heilige Ludwina”, which departed Antwerp 13 May 1855, and arrived Sydney 4 Oct 1855.

His 36 yr old uncle Pietro Tamagni was also on board.

In 2003 the prominent Sydney Architectual Historian Dr Peter Reynolds wrote a book “William Balmain & John Gilchrist Family & Property”. A chapter in it is devoted to Pietro Sarina.

I am very interested in the area he was born. I am hoping to visit Ticino next year.
I am very curious about the conditions that would prompt a 13 yr old boy to leave his home and family.

6 thoughts on “What would prompt a 13-year-old to leave home for Australia?

  1. Hi

    I am related to the Sarina family, my grandfather was a Sarina and I have been trying to find information on the family history as well.
    Will look forward to hearing from you.

    Mary Hammoud

  2. Hello Mary, Pietro Sarina married Annie Greenwell at Balmain ( Sydney Australia)16 March 1871. They had 6 children- Arthur, Delida, Walter, Ada, Edward & Maria. Edward was my grandfather. Was your grandfather either Arthur or Walter? I hope this is helpful. If so please let me know as I have more information.

    Kind regards
    Christine Sarina King

  3. Hi Christine
    We both share the same Great Grandfather however I know very little about the family history. I would much appreciate receiving an email from you when you can spare a minute .
    Im off to the library today to chase up the book you mentione

    Pam Johnson (Canb- Australia)

  4. Did they settle in Daylesford! He had a daughter Mary. Ann tamagni who is my great great grandmother. Do you know much about them? The uncle is my great great great grandfather and looking into it all atm

    Thank you


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