Seeking info about Morisoli family

From Chris Lugo, United States

I’m hoping to find information about my great-grandfather Fausto Morisoli’s family in Monte Carasso. He was born in 1895 to Fedele and Giovanna (Molinari) Morisoli and immigrated to the United States in 1910.

As far as I know, his parents died in Monte Carasso before he immigrated but I could be wrong. My mother and I plan on visiting Monte Carasso this September and would love to have some information about his family and where he grew up. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Seeking info about Morisoli family

  1. To the Morisoli Family: There are four MORISOLI names listed in a telephone book from Soledad, California which is in Monterey County. I don’t personally know these people. The names are: ALAN MORISOLI – who lives in King City, CA. – same county; ALBIN MORISOLI – who lives in Soledad, CA., CAROLINA MORISOLI – also lives in Soledad, CA., and finally, DAVID MORISOLI, also lives in Soledad. The telephone area code is: 831. I do not know if these people still live in the areas listed as the telephone book was published in 1993. Hope your search is successful.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I was recently searching info on my moms side of our family and came across your info about the Morisoli family. I think we may be related. My grandfathers name is Arnold Morisoli from Gonzales CA. son of Fausto and Romilda Morisoli originally from Monte Carasso. Throw me an e-mail and we can share info. Thanks.

    Jason Black

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