Seeking information on origins of Spagnoli family

From Sharon Dulcich, United States

I am seeking information of where in the Canton Ticino my husband’s Spagnoli family came from. His great-grandmother was Adelaide Spagnoli. She was born 11 January 1852 in Switzerland and died 8 April 1902 in Hunter’s Valley, Mariposa County, California. She married Georgio Dulcic from Hvar, Croatia 18 December 1876. They had 2 sons, Giacomo b 22 Dec 1878 & who died at 9 months of age and John Baptista b. 9 July 1883. John was my husband’s grandfather.

Obituary from the Mariposa Gazette:

April 18, 1902
Adelia, wife of Geo. Dulcich, died at her home in Hunters Valley • 1902, of cancer Deceased was born in Switzerland January 1, 1852, came to California in August 1875 and was married to Mr. Dulcich the following year. She was devoted wife and mother, and had the respect of all who knew her. She leaves a husband and one son; also a brother, J. Spagnoli of Hornitos, and had three sisters who still live near the old homestead in Switzerland.” Oh, where, oh where, is this “Old Homestead?” And what of the mentioned 3 sisters?

From the book “History of Merced County”:

“The mother (of John Dulcich) was born in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, and died in Hunter’s Valley in 1903.. (She) came out to California in 1868, preceded by her brothers, Joseph and Valentine Spagnoli, both prominent Swiss-Americans at the time of their death, the oldest having come to California in 1849.”
Adelaide came to California where her 2 brothers lived. Joseph (b. 21 July 1829)came in 1852. He was a successful gold miner eventually becoming owner of the Mt. Gaines Mine in Mariposa County, CA.

From the book “History of Merced County” page 882:
“Joseph Spagnoli came by boat from his native country of Switzerland to California in the early 50’s {1850’s} and mined in the mountains of Mariposa County where he became a successful mine owner and was one of the pioneers of Mariposa County. He passed away in 1915.” (He actually passed away in 1912.)

Mines from: Geologic Guidebook
Along Highway 49–Sierran Gold Belt
Bulletin 141
State of California Division of Mines
Department of Natural Resources
“The Mother Lode Country”
Centennial Edition, 1948

Mines: Mount Gaines

“The MOUNT GAINES mine, located five miles northeast of Hornitos on the Hornitos-Bear Valley road, is the only major gold producer in Mariposa County.”……..”Early production of the MOUNT GAINES totaled $1,250,000 to 1911. ”

Another brother of Adelaide was Valentine Spagnoli, b. abt 1848 Switzerland and died 23 October 1891 in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. He married Adeline Allen in July 1876 and had one daughter, Adelaide, named for his sister, no doubt. His death was ruled a suicide by asphyxiation, although I doubt that today’s forensics would come to that same conclusion if an autopsy was done. He was not despondent, left no note, had a good job and appeared happy and content. He was found sitting in his chair in his room in a state of semi-undress. There was a high concentration of gas. I believe that a more correct cause of death would be carbon-monoxide poisoning.

I would love to find out 1) where the Old Homestead was located; 2) names of parents and other siblings.

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