Truffini/Traffini di Lavertezzo

di Gloria Wall, Australia

Più che raccontare una storia, il mio intervento si prefigge di trovare informazioni sulla mia famiglia.

So che mio trisnonno (Giuseppe Truffini/Traffini) era originario di Lavertezzo. Nel 1858 è salpato per l’Australia a bordo della “John Owens”; non ho però trovato alcun riferimento a questa barca.

Non so che età avesse lui, e il parente Bartolemeo che lo ha accompagnato, al momento della partenza. Angelo (un altro membro della famiglia?) è partito tre anni prima a bordo della “Daniel Ross”.

Sto accuratamente tentando di collegare tutte le persone e perlomeno ho trovato alcuni riferimenti della nostra famiglia a Lavertezzo. Il cambiamento nello spelling del mio cognome apportato in Australia non facilita certo il mio lavoro.

Comunque, vado avanti…

2 thoughts on “Truffini/Traffini di Lavertezzo

  1. Hello Gloria. I can help you. I am very familiar with the village of Lavertezzo having done extensive research there, and I am related to the Truffini family. It is now extinct in the village and was a very small family in the early records. The Austrialian immigration book by Joseph Gentilli shows three Truffini going to Australia but one retuned. The two who stayed were Angelo, born around 1835, and Giuseppe, born 1838. Both arrived on the John Owens. Unfortunately I do not have good records for the early 19th Century, but they exist and can be accessed through the Mormon Church Family History Centers. But I have good 18th Century records. In the 1795 Lavertezzo church census, there are three male Truffinis: Agostino, born in 1768, and his brother Bartolomeo, born in 1772. Their father was a Filippo son of Giovanni. There is another family with a Giovanni Pietro,born 1778, son of Giovanni Angelo. I am quite confident your Giuseppe is a descendant of one of these three males. I would be happy to help you with any further research on this family. Tony Quinn

  2. Dear Tony,
    My heartfelt thanks to you and your research. I was starting to think we were on the wrong track. Thanks to you I can now try and follow through. Would you know where the John Owens landed in Australia. I’m thinking Fremantle because a son of Guiseppe and his family lived there in the early 1900’s. this seems to be when the name changed to Treffene. But then my Grandfather (whose mother was Guiseppe’s daughter)was born in Victoria and that is a long way to travel from Fremantle.
    Once again thank you. I will absorb this information and plan my next avenue of enquiry.
    How are you connected to Truffini?
    Gloria Wall

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