Looking for people with Pedrotti connections

From Peter Pedrotti, New Zealand

Giovanni Pietro Pedrotti emmigrated to Australia with his uncle Cesare Felice Pedrotti in 1855. He married Mary-Anne Byrnes in Daylesford 1864. The marriage certificate says place of birth is Giumaglio, Valle Maggia. His parents are Giovanni Felice Pedrotti b.1812 -1862 and Giovanna Maria Pozzi B1817–??. Giovanni Pietro Pedrotti 1788-1857 & Anna Maria Pozzi 1790-1826 were his parents. Does any Pedrotti conect with this family line?

5 thoughts on “Looking for people with Pedrotti connections

  1. Hello Peter,
    Do you have more information on the family back in Switzerland?
    I have a Anna Maria Pedrotti married a Giovanni Martino Lafranchi early 1800’s.
    I am a Lafranchi descendant in Australia. And here in Melbourne Australia, I have a Great Aunt Maud Mary Lafranchi married a Timothy Byrns in 1912. Interested to see if your Byrns is related to my Byrns?? It is a small world.
    Regards Debra.

  2. Hi Debra, Happy New Year. Thanks for replying. I have little information about the Byrnes side of the family other than word of mouth from my Dad, Albert William Pedrotti, born 1915 in Thames New Zealand, from his Dad, Leonard Angelo Pedrotti, born 1880 in Eganstown Victoria. His Dad, Giovanni Pietro Pedrotti, Born 1836 in Giumaglio Switzerland, married Mary-Ann Byrnes February 6 1864 in St Peters Catholic Church in Daylesford. You can see a copy in Victoria Births and Deaths page 185 schedule C item 48. It shows Mary-Ann Byrnes’ parents as Dennis Byrnes, shoemaker and his wife Mary Jane Skerrs. Dennis sold half a share of the Corrinella Mine at Deep Creek Eganstown. Giovanni, renamed Peter Pedrotti (same as me) later built the 60 room Corrinella Hotel. The records are available at the Daylesford Museum . Ask for Winsome Menadue she will know about the LaFranchi family. Of interest to you, a John Tynan born March 7 1859 married Mary-Ann Pedrotti in St. Peters Church in 1896. Her parents were Cesare Felice Pedrotti (brother of Giovanni) and Magaret Byrnes (sister of Mary-Ann), that means the Pedrotti brothers married the Byrnes sisters in Daylesford. Steve Tynan a Catholic Priest working in the Phillipines supplied this information.”mglmanila@pacific.net.ph”. He may have moved on since last contact 7 years ago.? If this is part of your family tree , then yes we are related. How exciting is that!.
    A footnote Mark Pedrotti,my younger brother, is an international Opera singer based in Canada. When a boy soprano he was recorded singing with my sister Angela the accompanist on the harp was Dorothea Franchi. (Note the La is missing) Maybe of your family?. I have more info on the Lafranchi family in Victoria if you wish to see.
    Again , happy New Year. Peter Pedrotti.

  3. Hi Peter

    I have a Anna Maria POZZI born 1813 Giumaglio, Ticino, (Ticino includes Valle Maggia. Logano was later encompassed into Maggia). She married into the TUNZI family of Logano, Ticino in 1830. At least 3 of their sons came to Victoria, arriving 8 Nov 1855. Is this when your Pedrottis arrived?

    I’m wondering if my Anna Maria was a relative to your Anna Maria born 1790? I am currently searching this line of the family, so I will let you know if I find a connection.

  4. Hello Christine. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the update on the regional naming TICINO. My dad always said that his family was from TICINO. That never was sufficiently specific for me!. Giovanni Pietro Pedrotti and his brother Cesare arrived in Australia in 1853 so it is within 2 years that your ancestors arrived. Their first stop to prospect was Ballarat and then onto Egansville and Deep Creek. Sorry it has taken me so long to answer. This web site was burried in “Junk” mail. Regards Peter Pedrotti.

  5. Hi Peter, just by accident came across your blog, few years since your enquiry but I am the great granddaughter of the Predotti s you refer too.My son has just began tracing our family roots, just so interesting would love further contact. Colleen Atkinson

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