Lafranchi reunion report

by Debra Talbot, Australia

On Sunday 18th October 2009, the Lafranchi clans came together at Cricket Willow, Shepherds Flat Victoria, to meet. Descendants of Andreá, Giulio, Pietro Antonio and Vincenzo came.

Andreá was born 30th November 1839 at Coglio, Ticino, Switzerland to Giovanni Baptista Lafranchi and Maria Domenica Lafranchi.


Giulio was born 29th March 1839 at Coglio, Ticino, Switzerland to Giuseppe Benedetto Lafranchi and Teresa Maria Gaspari.


Pietro Antonio was born 1st October 1840 at Coglio, Ticino, Switzerland to Pietro Lafranchi and Johanna.

Vincenzo was born 9th November 1842 in Coglio Switzerland to Giacomo Lafranchi and Maria Lafranchi.

The day started at 1pm welcoming and chatting and searching the information on display in the Heritage room at Cricket Willow. Photos and information were shared and close relatives caught up with each other again. The time went quick.

Just after 2pm Claude Rossi from the Pro Ticino Pro Downunder Group gave a talk on what it means to be Swiss Ticinese. Since the Lafranchi’s migrated to Australia for the Gold rush, there has been a misunderstanding of their true nationality. Both the Swiss and the Italians have contributed to the Victorian history, but they are two separate nationalities and should not be called SwissItalian or ItalianSwiss. The Lafranchi’s are Swiss and they came from the Canton Ticino, so they can be called Swiss Ticinese. (the c pronounce ch the ese pronounce easy)

Just after 2.30pm, we headed towards the Café for the Group Photo.

Then Trish Tinetti served afternoon tea inside where a welcome cuppa and cake went down well and more catching up took place.

Meanwhile, a Bocce Tournament had taken place throughout the afternoon, run by Ian Tinetti. Ian Higgins, who is married to a Lafranchi, his team won the Tournament, which was a fitting end for the day.

Only 2 at the reunion did not make the group photo.


2 thoughts on “Lafranchi reunion report

  1. Since writing the Reunion booklet, I have found that Pietro Antonio Lafranchi was born in 1841 in Brione. I used the information given by him on his Naturalisation certificate. Also Vincenzo Lafranchi was born in 1838. Still need to check for his full date of birth. Does anyone know of a English speaking person who has access to Bellinzona Archives and can help me??
    Debra, Melbourne, Australia.

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