A never-ending migration

From Yvonne Ramelli Vosti, United States

Ours is a long and never-ending migration from Moghegno, in Valle Maggia, to California and back. My great grandparents and many other relatives (on both sides) were in the early wave of Ticinese who went to California.

There they had children who returned to Moghegno, who in turn, grew up and had children of their own, my parents, who in turn again, migrated back to the same place in California. My siblings and I, born in California have always returned often to spend time in Valle Maggia, but one of my sisters did the reverse migration, (here we go again), moved back to Ticino as a teenager and still lives there now. I live in the Napa Valley with my husband, also a Californian descendant of Swiss Italians, from Gerra Piano, Valle Versasca, and our three daughters, who entertain the thought of moving back to Valle Maggia permanently. Will it ever end???

2 thoughts on “A never-ending migration

  1. Dear Yvonne, Thanks for the story. I am also 1st generation in No. CA. My zia wanted to take me back to Gordola as a child but my dad said NO, otherwise I might have a story like your sisters. Instead, I purchased my father’s family house and we return for summers so far…CA and Ticino…best of both worlds we say. 2010 will be our 5th summer…we are still working on our Italian and not very successfully but we still are having some great adventures with cousins and friends…Valle Verzasca-Brione-Verzasca is where my dad was born and Valle Maggia is one of our favorite areas to visit in summers. CIAO, Amy

  2. Hello Yvonne…..I am a second generation Ticenesi. My grandfather was born in Gerra Piano. My grandmother was born in Marshall; her parents were born in Vogorno. My Vosti roots are centered in Hollister-Gonzales area. Interesting to read of your migration back to your roots.

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