Lafranchi picture from Australia

by Debra Talbot, Australia

This photo is my line.
Far left to right following the heads!!

Celia Lafranchi/Lafranki (my Grandmother)
Ollie (Sr Laura) (Celia’s sister)
William/Bill (Celia’s brother)
Maria (pronounced Mariah) (Celia’s mother)
Eileen (Celia’s sister)


As you can see, my line of the Lafranchi’s used the phonetic spelling of the name. Apparently the government oganised this, as there were too many Lafranchi’s and the government got confused!!!!

6 thoughts on “Lafranchi picture from Australia

  1. Can anyone help me with information on Guiseppe Righetti’s mother and father, who I believe to be Domenica Lafranchi and Giacomo Righetti who lived in Somoa (Someo) north of Locarno.
    After seeing the surname Lafranchi in this artical, may be somebody in th Lafranchi family can add more information.

    • Ciao Margaret, Maria Domenica Lafranchi nata a Coglio Vallemaggia il 5 giugno 1796(?)e sposata con Righetti Giovanni Giacomo, I genitori di Maria Domenica sono Lafranchi Giuseppe Maria di Coglio e Galeazzi Teresa di Lodano. Maria Domenica era mia parente.

      • English translation: Hi Margaret, Maria Domenica Lafranchi was born in Coglio, Vallemaggia on 5 June 1796(?) and married Righetti Giovanni Giacomo. The parents of Maria Domenica were Lafranchi Giuseppe Maria from Coglio and Galeazzi Teresa from Lodano. Maria Domenica was a relative of mine.

  2. Do you have any more information on them. Any dates or location? Any other children they may of had or brothers or sisters?

  3. Thankyou Debra, it would be great if I could go further back than Guiseppe Righetti, who was my great grandfather. Any information would be wonderful.
    Margaret Boyle

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