House and brother of Ernesto Isidoro Rodoni

by Terry Rodoni, Australia

My great grandfather Ernesto Isidoro Piccolo Rodoni left Ticino in 1886. He settled in Elevated Plains, Hepburn, Victoria, where he died on the 22nd of September 1952.

Ernesto Isidoro was born in Pontirone (Biasca) on 20th April 1866. His parents were Carlo and Maria Agostina Rodoni. Together with my wife I travelled to Ticino at the beginning of September 2009 to look for his old house or properties and to learn more about his brother Giovanni Battista, who went to Australia with Isidoro.

Please let us know if there is a Rodoni (somewhere in Switzerland, Australia or America) related to my great grandfather or if somebody can give us any information about Ernesto Isidoro’s life in Ticino.

2 thoughts on “House and brother of Ernesto Isidoro Rodoni

  1. Dear Terry, My father was born in Biasca in 1914 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1928. His father was Sebastiano Ferdinando Rodoni. He was born in 1869. My grandmother was Alice Rossi who was born in 1896. They settled in Monterey County, California in the U.S.
    My dad told me there were 3 Rodoni families in Biasca. Sebastian’s father was Felino Rodoni (he had a bunch of siblings and I have a list of them). His mother was Virginia Rodoni (no relation). Her father was Basilio Frutuoso Rodoni. I don’t have as much information on her family but hope to obtain more when I visit again one day. My father, Desio Tedy Rodoni, said that we had family that immigrated to Argentina and, I think also to Australia. But I don’t know who those people are. I have posted all my family genealogy at If you have access to that web site you might come across a familiar name. When I get a chance I will look for your grandfather’s name among the Rodoni names in my family tree. Best Regards, Jeanne Rodoni Koutz

  2. Dear Sylvia – thank you for responding & I apologise for the dealy in my response – time is my enemy!!

    I don’t recognise any of the names that you referred to above. I can “add” some background as to what I (& my wife Angela) believe are the “3 Rodoni families” in Biacsa (& Pontirone in earlier days). We have been told that the families are:
    1. Grande – the large Rodoni’s
    2. Piccolo – the small Rodoni’s (which is my branch of the family); &
    3. Stretzia – Rodoni’s of the narrow street

    We do know that my great garnd father Isidoro Ernesto left his brother Giovanni Battista Rodoni in England in 1888 to come to Australia. He never heard of his brother again. We have researched English records & found that Giavanni married between 1891 & 1901, to Alessandrina ( no surname) & was a cook in London living at 166 The Strand, St Marys, London. In the 1901 census, his residence was 29 York Street, St Pauls, Covent Garden & both lived there in the 1911 census. In Nov 1919 Allessandrina dies (& no mention of her being a widow) & no further mention of Battista. We then know that on 9th March, 1929 in Biasca, Swizerland that Giovanni Battista was declared “whereabouts unknown, death possible”

    If you or anybody else, has any knowledge of what happened to Giovanni Battista Rodoni or can guide us to this information, we would be very grateful

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