Da Someo a Daylesford e Eganstown

di Dianne White, Australia

Il mio antenato Antonio Caligari di Someo è partito da Liverpool, in Inghilterra, nel febbraio 1861. Ha messo radici a Daylesford/Eganstown, nello Stato del Victoria. Ha sposato Mary Ann Lucas; hanno avuto sei figli e sei figlie. Contattatemi se pensate che abbiamo dei legami famigliari.

3 thoughts on “Da Someo a Daylesford e Eganstown

  1. Hello Diane –

    Well, I can say that we do have a connection. My GG Grandmother was Lucrezia Righetti who was Antonio Caligari’s aunt. Lucrezia married Felice Giacometti in 1854 in Someo and travelled on the Great Britain with Antonio (& others) to Australia in 1861; Felice had travelled to Australia in 1854, just a few months after they were married. I’m descended from their youngest son, Massimino.

    Russell Giacometti

  2. Hello Russell,

    SO nice to hear from you. Yes, we have a definate connection. Lucrezia Giacometti later became Nugent,second marriage. I have detailed your Giacometti family on Ancestry as best as possible and would love to speak by email – dwhite57@bigpond.com I have made contact with another descendant but shall find her name etc. so I can pass it on to you. Did you know of the Caligari family prior to this and their connection to Lucrezia ? If so, what details have you ?
    Do you also know Lucrezia is buried with her cousin Antonio Caligari at Eganstown RC cemetery ? All this and more to tell !

    Kindest wishes Di

  3. Does anyone have any information on the Tognacini (spelling?) family history and the Tomacini family history and a marriage of both families with one of the female members marrying a Pfeiffer. I am interested in when the Tognacini and Tomacine families moved to Australia and what they were doing for work in the Goldfields when they arrived.

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