From Someo to Daylesford and Eganstown

by Dianne White, Australia

My ancestor Antonio Caligari, from Someo, departed Liverpool England in February 1861. He settled in Daylesford & Eganstown in Victoria. He married Mary Ann Lucas and they had 6 boys and 6 girls. Please contact me if you think we have a connection.

13 thoughts on “From Someo to Daylesford and Eganstown

  1. Hello Diane –

    Well, I can say that we do have a connection. My GG Grandmother was Lucrezia Righetti who was Antonio Caligari’s aunt. Lucrezia married Felice Giacometti in 1854 in Someo and travelled on the Great Britain with Antonio (& others) to Australia in 1861; Felice had travelled to Australia in 1854, just a few months after they were married. I’m descended from their youngest son, Massimino.

    Russell Giacometti

  2. Hello Russell,

    SO nice to hear from you. Yes, we have a definate connection. Lucrezia Giacometti later became Nugent,second marriage. I have detailed your Giacometti family on Ancestry as best as possible and would love to speak by email – I have made contact with another descendant but shall find her name etc. so I can pass it on to you. Did you know of the Caligari family prior to this and their connection to Lucrezia ? If so, what details have you ?
    Do you also know Lucrezia is buried with her cousin Antonio Caligari at Eganstown RC cemetery ? All this and more to tell !

    Kindest wishes Di

  3. Does anyone have any information on the Tognacini (spelling?) family history and the Tomacini family history and a marriage of both families with one of the female members marrying a Pfeiffer. I am interested in when the Tognacini and Tomacine families moved to Australia and what they were doing for work in the Goldfields when they arrived.

  4. Jenni –

    Just saw your message and thought I’d post a quick reply as I have a particular interest in Someo and have the same families in my tree as well. First thing is the speling you queried – it is Tomasini & Tognazzini.

    Mary Elizabeth Tomasini married George Pfeiffer in 1877 (reg # 3877). She died in 1915 at Daylesford (reg # 1157) aged 53 (that what the transcript says). Her marriage transcript says that she was born in Musk Vale but I couldn’t fnid a birth record at this time.

    Her parents were Giovanni Giacomo Giacometti Tomasini (christened 10 Jun 1823 at Someo) and Maria Susanna Tognazzini (christened 13 Aug 1832 at Someo). Cheda states about Maria that “married in 1855 with (G Giacomo); had a son in December of 1855 and in 1862 joined her husband in Australia.”

    Gentilli says tha Giacomo arrived in Sydney in 1856 aboard the H Ludwina.

    They had 3 children, inclusing Mary Elixabeth, after coming to Australia.

    As to the question of their life on Australia on the goldfields, this can be difficult to find out. My current searches on my own Giacometti family have come up with some information utilising various internet resources but also the daylesford Historical Society has bee very helpful. I have found some things just by typing in [place name] [Surname]’ into Google.

    My GG Grandfather’s sister married a Tomasini so there may be a chance we are related – as possibly all the families from Someo are related in some way or another.

    Hope this helps some.



  5. Hello Dianne,

    I was just looking for info on Someo out of curosity and came across your posting from August, 2009.
    I am Fourth Generation on the Caligari family tree. My grandmother is Katherine Gertrude McDonald who father was Battista Patrick Calagari, sixth child of Antonio and Mary Ann.
    Our Family tree was complied in 1972 by L.W. Caligari. It comprises an introduction; the family origin; from time of arrival in Australia; the death of Antonia Caligari; remarriage of Mary Ann Caligari and record of her death; the family grave – Eganstown R.C. cemetery; general info and various attachments.
    kind regards,
    Lianne Cullen

  6. Dear Lianne,

    Its lovely to hear from you. Yes, we are from the same family and I, like most of the family received a copy of the family tree from Bill Caligari. In the past year we have been compiling more history on this family with a loose group of approx 8 of us – all Caligari descendants.

    Our trees are mainly on Ancestry but we are contactable via that or

    If you go via email I’ll put you in touch with the rest of the Caligari descendants who have been working like little trojans on this family history.

    Nice to hear from you.

    Kind wishes

    Di White

  7. Dear Dianne,

    I note that one of your ancestors viz.Antonia Calgari left Liverpool for Australia in 1861.My great-grandfather Luigi Riggiardi/Reggards/Riggiardo/Reggardo stated on his application for Naturalization in 1899 that he left for Australia from Liverpool in 1859 but 40 years after the event he may have stated the wrong year.
    Can you help? Do you know the the name of the ship and the date of arrival in Australia of your ancestor? I have searched the Victorian shipping records but to date little luck.
    You may just be able to help me with a another clue.
    Thank you

  8. Dear Graeme,

    Lovely of you to notice such things. Antonio Caligari left Liverpool on 16.2.1861 on the S.S. Great Britain and arrived Melbourne, Vic. on 2.5.1861. I have just looked up the “Settlement of Swiss Ticino immigrants in Australia” by J. Gentilli. The surname you mentioned isn’t there, but you could shine more light on it if you had a look – have you ?

    We have lots of Caligari information on Ancestry – my site is “White of Kirkcudbright II” and your welcome to look as its a public tree.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me on

    Kind wishes


  9. hello el – can say that I am definitely related to every Giacometti from Musvale and the surrounding area, am currently putting together a book on the family history


    Russell Giacometti

  10. I have recently begun pulling together my family tree, and it seems that I have some threads in common with a number of the blogs here – my maternal grandfather was born to Mary Elizabeth Tomasini (1888 – 1976), daughter of Pietro Antonio Tomasini (1865 – 1908), who in turn was a son of Giovanni Tomasini (1823-1898) .

    I am particularly interested in finding out more of the history of the Tomasini’s, including before they came to Victoria, and I would dearly appreciate any assistance or information that anyone is willing to share (or any pointers for good sources/references). I am also happy to exchange any information that I might have that is of interest.

    Kind regards,


  11. Belinda –

    Very interesting, another family link that I wasn’t aware of. Your Giovanni Tomasini (full name Giovanni Giacomo, baptised at Someo on 10 Jun 1823) is the brother of Eugenio Tomasini who just so happened to marry my 2nd Great Grand Aunt – Magdalena Giacometti.

    Eugenio & Magdalena had 6 children born in Daylesford (and at least 1 in Someo), then I can only assume they went back home.

    Giovanni & Eugenio’s parents were Francesco Tomasini & Anna Maria Pezzoni.

    Gentilli tells us that Giovanni married Maria Susanna Tognazzini in 1855 at Someo and had 1 child in Someo, then a further 7 children in Australia.

    Have more to share, but don’t want to go on too much here. Am very interested in what you may have too on the family. I can be contacted direct at



  12. Just reading this – I am related also My grand father is George Pfeiffer who is the son of George Pfeiffer and Mary Elizabeth Tomasini
    Kay Pfeiffer

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