Offro assistenza nella ricerca genealogica

ajohnparket2di A. John PARKER, Australia

A tutti gli “esordienti” nella ricerca genealogica che desiderano trovare informazioni in Ticino offro gratuitamente la mia assistenza.

Sono il coordinatore internazionale di SWISSGen’s per le ricerche in Ticino. Dispongo di una vasta bibliografia sull’emigrazione oltremare dal Ticino. Offro anche servizi a pagamento.

11 thoughts on “Offro assistenza nella ricerca genealogica

  1. Amazing the connections between us all, eh, Fran?! Peter and I met up when he was in Perth about12 years ago and we chatted at length. I’ve since spoken with him on the phone about the material he had on Ticino. At that time it was not long after you folks had lost your other brother and Peter said he thought he might be able to look through the latter’s material to see if there was any data that might be useful in my helping others – but I’ve guessed there wasn’t.

    Good luck in your hunting!

    A John Parker

  2. Carrociero family in London mid 1800s
    Carrocie – Carrocino – Carrociers

    Information taken from census 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901
    Also BDM records.

    1st Generation

    Giovanni Carrociero came to London alone some time before 1861 and appears on the 1861 census as ‘John Carrociero’ (b. State of Switzerland, 1834) and residing at 44½ (!) Blackfriars Road, he is listed as an Ice Merchant and residing at the same address is Frances Gianetta (a Servant b. State of Switzerland 1841) an Ice Merchant Assistant.
    He appears to have come to London alone as his wife and eldest son, both born in Switzerland, do not appear until the 1871 census, however there is some doubt about this as his eldest child is born in Switzerland in 1865. It would have been financially impossible for him to have returned to Switzerland so there is the possibility his wife and child were deliberately omitted from the census or just not actually on the premises on the night the census was taken.

    502 Mile End Road, Mile End Old Town (MEOT)

    Giovanni Carrociero b. 1834 Confectioner
    Guidetta (Gindetta) b. 1837/ 38 State of Switzerland d. Watford 1908 aged 70
    Rocco b. 1865 State of Switzerland

    Francesco Agostino (Francis Augustus) b. June 1868 Camberwell m. Sept 1889 St Saviours Southwall
    Verginia (Virginia) Guiseppa b. Dec 1870 MEOT m. Dec 1889 Whitechapel

    Lodger; Peter Jones a Draper b. 1829 Wales

    486 Mile End Road (Shop)

    Giovanni Confectioner
    Rocco Shop
    Rosa Patronille (Rose Patronella) b. Dec 1872 MEOT m. Dec 1885 MEOT
    Luigi Guiseppo (Louis Joseph) b. Sept 1874 MEOT
    Helvetia Maria aka Maria Helvetia b. 1877 MEOT Marries Daniel Gower Dec 1895 Shoreditch
    Maria is known in the family as Mary.

    1891 both Giovanni and his mother in law have died, the family are still living at 486 Mile End Road with only Guidetta (widow) Confectioner, Rosa, Luigi and Maria at home.


    On the night of the 1901 census Guidetta Carrociero (Judetta Carracino) b. 1837 a widow, is listed as an inmate of the MEOT Workhouse. From the entry it can either be assumed that Guidetta never really mastered English or that the person who recorded her details misheard the name. Guidetta dies in 1908 approximately 50 years old.
    Master of the Institution Edward Henry Buckeridge.

    2nd Generation

    Giovanni and Guidetta’s first born son Rocco marries Maria (Marian) Jane Bidward (Bedward) sometime between 1881 and 1891 and is shown in 1891 as follows


    165a Strand

    Rocco Carrociero b. 1865 Coffee House Restaurant Keeper b. Switzerland – Nat. British Subject
    Maria(n) Jane b. 1862/3 Stepney/ Limehouse d. June 1914 Southwark
    His Mother in Law Mary Bidward (Bedward) b 1821 Montgomery
    and children
    Jessie Helveka (Helvetia) b. 1885 m. Mr Slattery at Lambeth in March 1907 and subsequently moves to Canada
    Giovannina Guidetta b. June 1887 Stepney
    Rocco Ambrose b. March 1889 Strand London m. 1921 Nellie E Batchelder
    Adelina Elise b. June 1890
    George and Thomas Murphy b. 1861 Cook b. 1863 Servant shopman
    Frederick Thruswell b. 1875 Cook


    253 Whitechapel Road

    The family are still together and listed with

    Rocco’s younger brother Luigi b. 1874 Cook
    His Mother in law has died and the servants have left his employ.


    In 1881 and 1891 there is another Carrociero family listed but no relationship has been proved however a relationship seems very likely.


    32 Bishopsgate Street

    Charles (Carlo) Carrociers Unmarried Confectioner b. 1853 Switzerland
    Charles Jaconelli (Juconelli) Confectioner b. 1851
    Guiseppe Rapi Married Confectioner b. 1850 Italy (no mention of wife on census)


    32 Bishopsgate St Boltophs

    Carlo (Charles) Carrociero Coffee Refreshment Salesman b. 1853 Switzerland
    d. March 1893 London city
    Agostino Barcessa (Boarder) Assistant Coffee Refreshment Salesman b. 1857 Switzerland
    Carlo Frusetta (Boarder) -do- b. 1857 Switzerland
    George Stanesly (Boarder) -do- b. 1866 England

    There are other Carrociero births, deaths and marriages listed since 1901 and I must assume they are related to those described above. There are still Carrocieros in the London phone directory today.

    In the Old Bailey Records for 13 July 1909 Rocc(i)o Carrociero of 142 Borough Green High Street was called to give evidence against a man who had passed him a counterfeit half crown


    On 27th September 1930 Giovannina Carrociero (Maria’s niece) travelled to Canada to see her older sister.
    She travelled 3rd class on the Empress of France and gave her address in England as 233 South Lambeth Road London SW Trade Shop Assistant.
    She arrived in Quebec 3rd October 1931 and was logged to be joining her sister Jessis (Helveca) Slattery (Nee Carrociero) at 809 Ashburn Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba and listed her father Rocco as her nearest relative. Rocco’s address was 157 Bishopsgate London. Giovannina’s entry in the records states she was a ‘landed immigrant’ and indicates she was coming to Canada as a ‘Domestic’
    She arrived back at Tilbury on the Duchess of York from Montreal in September 1931 having been away from home for a year.
    Taken from the emigration records

    My mother (Daniel and Maria’s daughter) remembers relatives coming from Canada to visit Maria, my mother thinks she was about 8 or 9 so this might have been soon after Giovannina came back.

    The family all thought of Maria (Mary) as Italian however the records show she was Swiss Italian, from that area in Switzerland many, many people left in the mid 1800s to escape the crippling poverty in the area at the time.

    Helvetia Maria aka Maria Helvetia aka Mary, born in 1877 married Daniel Gower Dec 1895 Shoreditch
    My great Grandmother and Grandfather

    Trudi Leach nee Hand

    Do you have any records at all of these names?

  3. Hi John
    Thanks for the email re Peter Yanner in Darwin. In actual fact he is my brother! He also ended up visiting Bosco Gurin a year or 2 after me, and has found some interesting information from our source/relative who lives there most of the year.
    Thanks for getting in touch
    Fran Mason

  4. I could really use some help finding info on my grandmothers family that immigrated to America in the late 1800’s I believe. I have found two spellings of their last name which is either DeSignori or DeSignore. I have heard they were from Lugano and quite possibly had some issue with the Catholic Church there. Thats all I know. Thank you

  5. Greetings Clayton – I cannot find reference to either surname migrating to Australia/NZ or to North America (as in the USA) in my reference books here. So, I suggest that you go onto the SWISSgen website ( and put out a call for some other help.

    As you are unsure of their actual origin, it is possible that your forebears where, in fact, ‘Italian’-Italians and not ‘Swiss’-Italians – if that is the case, then you need to be researching within Italy (whose research is not connected in any way with Switzerland’s).

  6. Hello Trudi – re the UK, contact Angie BALLARD – for she will have details of how to contact Peter Barber – he, and his two books may be somewhat useful to you – they are “Continental Taste” Ticinesi Emigrants … in Britain” and “125 Years of Unione Ticinesi’ – I also have some files I can send you for reseaarch in the UK if you send me your e-mail address.

  7. Buon Giorno.
    Mi chiamo Mauricio Berlocher , volevo chiedere un vostro aiuto , sono a ricerca a tanti anni della mia origine “Berlocher” piu tarde ho saputo che il mio trisnonno sposato in 1894 in Brasile con età di 23 anni, lui ha detto di essere Svizzero “Jose Boerlocher Remigi” figlio di Joseph Boerlocher Remigi.
    Sr. John Parker come posso trovare in Svizzera dati di Jose Boerlocher Remigi?
    Chiedo cortesemente un aiuto.

    Grato, Atenziosamente.
    Mauricio Berlocher.

    Good morning.
    My name is Mauricio Berlocher , i wanted to ask your help , i am in search of many years of my origin “Berlocher” deepest i learned that my great-great-grandfather married in 1894 in Brazil with 23 years of age, he said to be Swiss “Jose Boerlocher Remigi” son of Joseph Boerlocher Remigi and Maria Theresa. Sr. John Parker as i can find in Switzerland data Jose Boerlocher Remigi? I ask you kindly help.
    Thank very much.
    Mauricio Berlocher.

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