Can you complete the story of Carlo Biaggi?

by Cyril Jones, Melbourne

I am seeking information about Carlo Andrea Biaggi, born in 1836 in Giubiasco, who emigrated to Australia in 1855 aboard the ship “Lucie”, which sailed from Dieppe with many other migrants from the same area.

He settled in the Goldfields area of Victoria, where, among other things, he owned the “William Tell Hotel” in Guildford. Carlo Biaggi was a founding member of the Guildford Council in 1866. His name is listed as a subscriber of the Castlemaine Hospital in March/April 1862. In 1866 he donated 10 shillings 6 pence to the funds for the relief of the wounded, and the families of the wounded, after Italy’s wars of independence He visited Italy in 1870 then returned to Guildford some time later.

In March 1885, aged 49, he married Ellen Samms, aged 19, of Guildford, (the daughter of a British convict transported to Australia) and in 1887 left the Colony, presumably to return to his homeland, but this is not certain.

I would be interested to know if anyone can complete this story. Carlo learned English as a youth, and was an important figure within the Swiss-Italian community during the gold rush period, as he acted as a translator.

If you have information I would be happy to correspond with you at

One thought on “Can you complete the story of Carlo Biaggi?

  1. I went to college with a Ross Biaggi, whose family is prominent in Point Arena, California; but I’ve lost track of him. A google search may help.

    Ralph G

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