“Maccarón de ris” recipe

“Maccarón de ris” is a traditional potato, rice and cheese dish from from Calanca. It is taken from “I mazzafam, fine original recipes from the valleys of southern Graubünden” by Gianni Bertossa, Desertina publishers. If you have a recipe with Swiss origins you’d like to share. Please add it as a comment to this post, or as a separate post!

3 large potatoes
2 handfulls of rice per person
2 pinches of salt
grated cheese
2 tablespoons of melted butter
½ onions
2 cloves of garlic

Dish with potatoes, rice and cheese

Bring water to boil and add salt. Put in diced potatoes and the rice 5-10 minutes later. Cook and drain. Layer the potatoes/rice and cheese in a bowl. Melt the butter and fry garlic and onions and pour over the ingredients in the bowl. Serve hot. Rice can be substituted by pasta.

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