Steve Moneghetti’s Swiss family

by Tony Quinn, United States

The records for Monte Carasso tell the story of Steve Moneghetti’s Swiss family (read interview with Steve). Pietro Monighetti (original spelling) was born 2 July 1838 in  Monte Carasso, but no death date is given for him. That is because, as the record shows, he left Ticino for Australia. Pietro was the son of Nicolao Monighetti (1777-1843) and Maria Locarnini (1808-1846). Nicolao, it turns out, was married twice and had eight children by two wives, Pietro being the second youngest.

The Monighetti name goes back very far in  Monte Carasso. The oldest documented Monighetti is Sebastiano Monighetti who was born in 1667. But the name actually means “little monks”, and refers to three brothers, Betto, Domenico and Giovanni, who in 1497 were given the duty of caring for the ancient church of San Bernardo, which sits on a high rock above Monte Carasso. For more than 200 years, this family, the “monaci di San Bernardo” cared for the church of Monte Carasso.

One thought on “Steve Moneghetti’s Swiss family

  1. Hi.very interesting note. My mother´s surname was Monighetti. Her father (my grandfather),Herminio,was ,born in Locarno, and his father,Pietro Monighetti was from Montecarasso. Pietro Monighetti married Catarina Nessi. They went to Argentina where my Mother was born in Rawson. She was the only child.That I know, there are not any more Monighettis in Agentina.
    Continúo este comentario en español pues me es mas fácil. Decía que mi abuelo Herminio nació en Locarno,de origen en Montecarasso y fue muy joven a la Argentina con sus padres y hermanos. Contrajo matrimonio con Eufrasia Panei y tuvieron a mi madre Irma Herminia como hija única ,llegó a ser juez en Rawson,falleciendo muy joven. Yo vivo en Buenos Aires. Desde el fallecimiento de mi querida madre hace algunos años,me emociona todo lo relativo a su familia. Averigué bastantes datos sobre los Monighettis. y me siento orgulloso de ese apellido. Monighettis famosos los hubo en Rusia (Hippolit )y actualmente Ivan Monifghetti. También se destacaron en Australia y Estados Unidos.
    Un gran saludo y un fuerte abrazo a todos los Monighettis del mundo¡¡¡¡ Cariñosamente.
    Alfredo E. Natale Monighetti

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