Chestnuts with whipped cream recipe

“Castegn cun latcmilac” is a traditional recipe from Bregaglia. It is taken from “I mazzafam, fine original recipes from the valleys of southern Graubünden” by Gianni Bertossa, Desertina publishers. If you have a recipe with Swiss origins you’d like to share. Please add it as a comment to this post, or as a separate post!

400 g   dried chestnuts

200 g   smoked bacon

            salt and pepper


            whipped cream

Place the chestnuts in a pan and cover with lukewarm water. Boil and add one teaspoon of salt as well as some pepper, then the bacon. Cook slowly for three hours without stirring until the chestnuts have absorbed all of the water. Before removing from the pan, add the melted butter. Serve with salad and whipped cream. Serve either as a side dish or main course.

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