Tamagni grandfather built house of stone

by Robert J. Ransom, Jr., United States

My grandfather Cesare Augusto Tamagni, 1882-1962 was born in Bellinzona and my grandmother Giuseppa (Buletti) Tamagni, 1889-1997 in St. Antonio. I believe my grandmother was raised around the small villages of Carena and Mellirolo, the villages of my Sarina and Buletti ancestors. My grandfather had about 25 acres, and built a house of stone that is occupied by a cousin, today. It is above the town of Bellinzona. Cesare Augusto Tamagni emigrated in 1896 and my Grandmother in 1910 to New York, San Francisco and Ft. Bragg, California.

I have never visited Ticino, but I could and would like to. My mother has visited cousins living in the Bellinzona area. The images thought about are the castles, mountains and beauty of the area. My grandmother helped restore the castles in the late 1800’s, carrying stones, etc.

I have never been to the region but the overall changes in the socio-economic conditions greatly standout over the last 100 years. Of course, the area has modernized but still preserves the historical old towns, castles, museums, churches and the history in general.

I am greatly interested in the old genealogy of my Buletti, Tamagni, Sarina and Codiroli families in the immediate area. Where they lived, how they lived, where they are buried and generally how they survived in the 1600, 1700 and 1800’s.

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