Any one out there with these names in family tree?

By genealogist Jill Sybalsky, United States

Are any of these names in your family tree?

Marci, Cerini, Malugani, Lanini, Patà, Ferrini, Giottonini, Lesnini, Tamò, Perozzi, Sonognini, Gernardini, Matasci, Volpini, Lucchini, Berunda, Bianchi, Ferrasci, Dughi, Cantoni, Jop/Joppi, Miossi, Pinana, Martella, Fratessa, Franchini, Bustelli, Capini, Carletta and Danini. All are from Switzerland and Italy (at Switzerland border).

I would love to hear from you to see if we can find a connection.

8 thoughts on “Any one out there with these names in family tree?

  1. Jill,

    Yes, I am a Cantoni, though my family is from a little further south – the northernmost area of Tuscany – Aulla in Massa Cararra. My grandfather was born there in 1866.


  2. I am Alvin Malugani’s grand-daughter. I have seen the books of the malugani family history. It includes some of the names you have listed. I noticed that it stopped with my mothers generation. I would like to know how to add all of the next generations. Any suggustions would be appreciated. Just google the malugani family, and you will find the last names Marci and Cerini. And how they came to America. I loved learning more histrory of the family. There are so many sites and branches of this family I dont know if I will ever see everything. Let me know how or if we are related. I will be waiting to hear from you.

  3. Jill,

    I just saw that you are the one putting these books together. Thank-you! please forgive me for not knowing that fact. I don’t envy you. I sure do appreciate all you are doing.

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